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Topic: Kontakt 1.3

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    Kontakt 1.3

    I\'ve heard Nick & Doug refer to this version of Kontakt. They say their proprietary Kompakt sample libraries will be able to run in Kontakt 1.3. Does anyone have an idea of when update will be released and what new features it will boast?

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    Re: Kontakt 1.3

    First. I`m sure 1.3 is gonna be cool because kontakt 1.2.1 is solid and great.Second-Dont hold your breath cause NI are insanely busy and never deliver on time(1.3 is supposed to come out the end of Sept i believe).Nobody seems to knows what the extra features are gonna be with 1.3.This has been the topic of many posts at the NI Kontakt Forum.Some users feel slighted that NI is charging $30 for the upgrade to 1.3 when nobody knows if they even want the new features.I think its gonna be worth it(the $30).The only feature thats certain is the Monolith import(were u will be able to load in Kompakt Libs(QLSO etc)into Kontakt 1.3.I`m looking forward to it(rubbing my hands)..Rich

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