The XY pad on PadKontrol keeps crashing Sonar. Doesn't even ask if I wanna tell Uncle Bill Gates about it. Just crash. I am running a soft synth on one track, and the controller for it on another track. Both outputs point to the soft synth channel. Like this...

Track 1 (instrument) [input echo is off]
Input------>Saffire LE (usb driver)
Output----->Channel 3, Garritan

Track 2 (controller-padkontrol) [input echo is on]
Input------>Padkontrol Omni (usb driver)
Output----->Channel 3, Garritan

I'm kind of new at the whole hardware controller thing. Do I have something set up wrong? I was thinking the Midi USB driver for the Motif Rack I was using was bad, but tried the Saffire LE USB MIDI driver, and same thing.

--is that enough info to help?

3.0 Ghz Intel P4
2 Gb RAM
Sonar 5.2
Korg PadKontrol
Garritan Jazz and Big Band Library
WinXP Home

ps, the pad kontrol x-y pad is amazing on the horns in jabb, if i can ever figure out what i'm doing wrong here!