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Topic: re: expression pedal

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    re: expression pedal

    I have a Yamaha P120 digital piano and it doesn\'t have a mod wheel. I\'m told that I can use an expression/volume pedal in place of a mod wheel by reassigning the controller data so that the pedal sends mod wheel data. I\'m using DP 4.1 and have managed to reassign the controller data (I think)). My problem is that the volume pedal I have won\'t send MIDI data from the keyboard. Do I need another type of pedal? I\'ve seen pedals that say they also double as CV (continuous voltage?) pedals. Is that what I need instead? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: re: expression pedal

    you can try MIDIOX

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    Re: re: expression pedal

    I checked out the program and it looks interesting, but I\'m on a Mac and it\'s only PC compatible from what I could see.


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    Re: re: expression pedal

    You might want to try something like this...


    The above Digitech midi pedal is assignable and has buttons that could be used to switch articulations on other GPO sounds.
    There may be a company that makes a basic expression pedal with a midi out connector, but I have not seen one in a while.

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    Re: re: expression pedal

    Thanks Gromit, looks like this might solve my problems. I thought that if I had a basic expression pedal hooked up to my keyboard that expression controller info would be sent to DP4 and then I could reassign that controller # to any other controller #. My problem is that I can\'t seem to get a MIDI signal out of the keyboard. When I press the sustain pedal, I see the light flash on the MIDI interface, shouldn\'t the same thing happen with an expression pedal? I\'m going to try a Yamaha pedal instead of the generic one I bought and see if that works. Thanks for the suggestion.


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