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Topic: External Controller Question

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    External Controller Question

    I don\'t quite understand the External Controller part of the GUI. Specifically, I see that one can choose which controller will be received, and how much it will affect a given parameter, but I don\'t see on the screen or in the manual how to select the parameter to be affected.

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    Re: External Controller Question

    Click on the little triangle by the word velocity.

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    Re: External Controller Question


    The external control slider to the right of the “options” button is unused in GPO. In retrospect, it would probably have been best if its lack of functionality had been mentioned in the manual. All instrument controller assignments are predetermined in GPO. Controller assignments can only be modified when instruments are loaded into Kontakt 1.5.


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    Re: External Controller Question

    I had a feeling, Tom - thanks for the clarification.

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