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Topic: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

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    Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting


    The default settings of -6db give me unuseably
    low levels when triggering from a master keyboard (key velocities usually about 50-80) - even
    from the virutal keyboard. Is this normal?

    Do you jack up the level to 12db or just raise
    the soundcard volume?

    Those of you who are doing demos - can you give me some idea of whether you tweak the sample levels or your midi velocities when playing mezzo-forte.


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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    The default sounds are low, but when you use the mod wheel they come up. Expression!

    This is great for a lot of instruments like strings and woodwinds, and kind of frustrating for things like piano and pipe organ where the basic volume level does not change much in real life.

    I think Gary is considering an alternative setting for a future update, but he\'ll have to confirm/deny that.

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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    Did you get a manual with your copy of GPO? It\'s explained there - page 30.

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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    LHall, Houston

    Thanks for the replies, I must RTFM, I must RTFM, I must RTFM....

    I was too eager and plunged in treating GPO like
    a tone module...it\'s much much deeper than that;
    too bad my current controller (a straight weighted
    hammer piano thingy) doesn\'t have a mod wheel.

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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    Hey RChan, I was in the same situation as you, so I bought a small Midiman Oxygen 8 controller. I think it\'s less than 140 bucks, and it sits very nicely below a computer monitor, for eg.

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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    The first thing I do is RTFM - but then I used to write them so I know that they are there for a reason. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Nothing more frustrating that reading a bad manual - and nothing better than getting into a good one. Garritan has some of the best in the business.

    There are a few MIDI controllers out there that you can pick up on eBay on the cheap. Keep your eye out and don\'t forget that you can also add controller streams to your sequence in some form of edit mode. You can also set the virtual mod wheel on screen and record the notes, and then go back and paint in the controller data - if you have a sequencer that will allow that type of visual editing. It\'s not always the most intuitive way to play, but it will get the job done.

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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    hmm.. on any roland synth this would be very annoying, since they have that pitch/mod stick instead of wheels like a real controller should.

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    Re: Unuseable sound levels at -6db default setting

    Many of the Roland keyboards have programmable sliders. I\'ve programmed mine (XP-30) for modulation (CC1), Glide (CC20) and expression (CC11). The 4th slider I reprogram for whatever else needs controlled.

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