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Topic: GPO piano in 512MB?

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    GPO piano in 512MB?

    I see a lot of GPO users are using Sonar, so maybe someone can answer this: My Win XP computer currently only has 512MB-- will the GPO piano load when using Sonar? What amount of RAM will be free after loading the piano?

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    Re: GPO piano in 512MB?

    I get a memory footprint for Sonar of around 530 meg with the Steinway Piano patch loaded. The Steinway Piano Lite clocks in at right around 300 meg. (That\'s Sonar + VST plugin + samples)

    Your mileage may vary.

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    Re: GPO piano in 512MB?

    I use SONAR and am limited to 512megs, and I have not had the pleasure of playing the full piano in GPO. Guess I\'ll have to wait for spring when I can afford to upgrade to a new PC.

    I COULD upgrade Kontakt to 1.5 and stream the piano, but I have \'upgradeitis\' and am gonna\' wait!

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    Re: GPO piano in 512MB?

    You may be able to fit it in 512 MB but you would need to strip the OS down a little bit. No virusscan or other memory resident programs. You could also use the lite version.

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    Re: GPO piano in 512MB?

    Don’t underestimate the “lite” pianos in GPO – and that includes the Duo pianos. Each of the Duo pianos can be used as a less demanding instrument that still sounds very good. These three will at least give you some nice choices until you upgrade your RAM.

    By the way, the Duo pianos are designed to be played together without creating phasing problems since they don’t share any samples with one another.


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