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Topic: GPO vs GOS

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    GPO vs GOS

    I\'m debating whether to get GPO or GOS. Can users help me distinguish between the two. I\'ve heard the demos and they both sound great! What can I achieve with GOS that I cannot achieve with GPO? Is it just more articulations? Are the samples of different quality in the GOS vs GPO? Any help will do.



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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    Hi Jaibulu ,

    The BIG big difference is that GOS is strings
    only and GPO is a full orchestra [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    GOS comes on 18 CD\'s and GPO comes on 4 CD\'s

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    GOS has longer samples, more dynamics, and possibly more options in regards to strings and articulation choices.

    GOS dosn\'t have any solo strings and no harp.

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    I guess it sounds like more of an advantage to have GPO because of its full orchestral capabilites. I just gotta wait first to get a new computer because it would be a waste to get it and have my computer crashing all the time. I\'m using my laptop, Sony Vaio Celeron 900GHZ with 256MB. I\'m gonna go all out with a desktop P4 3.0GHZ and atleast 1GB DDR. I assume that will do the job. I hear so many great things about GPO, what about its limitations?

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    I am running GPO on my new P4 3GHZ laptop with 1 gig of ram. It is super solid.

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    Originally posted by Jaibulu:
    ...I hear so many great things about GPO, what about its limitations?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well, you\'re limited to the very basic, \"normal\" sounds of each instrument. Some playing techniques are not available. For instance, only one type of brass mute is available. There is no brass or woodwind fluttertongue, no string harmonics. The percussion section is missing some instruments that might be useful (what, no tom-toms?)

    Of course, what you get sounds very good indeed. Plus you get a contrabass clarinet! (Even though it\'s really a contra-alto [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] )

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    The flute and piccolo have flutter tongue articulations.

    Many of the larger libraries (QLSO, Dan Dean) don\'t give you any mutes which I\'ve never been able to understand. Plus Gary threw in a few instruments you won\'t find anywhere else like Eb Clarinet.

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    GOS is only an orchestral string library so of course it doesn\'t have harp etc. I use GPO and GOS. GPO comes no where close to matching the number of articulations, effects, non-looped samples, choices, and sound quality in GOS. But GPO certainly can get you by if you only have $250 for your entire sample orchestra.

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    Well, I think I will go with GPO because it is a full library and it sounds great!

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    Re: GPO vs GOS

    I would get GPO as a start, then wait and see what Gary has done to the GOS Lite library with the same programming approach in the Kontakt version.

    I do not know if it will only be available in a \'player\' version or not.

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