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Topic: Demo: Adagio in G minor

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    Demo: Adagio in G minor

    apologies to Shaz.. I finished this before I noticed that he had \'dibs\'. Oh well, since I\'ve never heard the piece beforehand, god knows if it sounds anything like it should. Should work well for funerals - bleh [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] It was just the first thing I saw at Midi World (http://www.midiworld.com/classic.htm) -- first composer, first piece...

    Sequence from MidiWorld
    All GPO sounds
    Reverb = Waves Trueverb (I can\'t quite get Ambience working nicely enough yet - my bad)

    Demo at: http://www.hominum.com/public/Adagio_in_G_minor.mp3

    About 8-ish minutes long... modem users beware: about 12 Mb

    Please feel free to leave comments since I have no idea what I\'m doing playing around w/ orchestral pieces. I went with the unjustified \'more is better\' approach. Just couldn\'t resist getting GPO [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Demo: Adagio in G minor

    Originally posted by P1E:
    apologies to Shaz.. I finished this before I noticed that he had \'dibs\'.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Haha! No problem. The version I want to try will be a little varied in terms of some of the dynamics and maybe even some of the content. I\'ve heard different recordings of that piece (including an interesting version by the post-Jim Morrison Doors), and would like to do my own take on it in a few small ways.

    This is nice. I think a lot more could be done with the violin controls to get them to sound more realistic, especially the solo parts (although I imagine that can\'t be easy to achieve, no matter how well it\'s programmed), but for a straight transfer from a MIDI file to GPO it sounds good. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Demo: Adagio in G minor


    Thanks for posting this. I would like to see what it would sound like when the Mod Wheel Expression, the proper attacks and the legato functions are applied. It may also be interesting to hear different instrumentation (i.e. a Stradivari vs Gagliano vs. a Guarneri Violins or different combinations).

    It may also be a good idea to see what various users could do with a MIDI file - that is, if the MIDI file to be in the public domain and not have any copyright restrictions. If not this piece, then perhaps another MIDI file could be used for learning aspects of GPO and exporing possibilities.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Demo: Adagio in G minor

    This brings up a question (or two or three) for me...

    I just received GPO yesterday, and though I have a project in the works that will prevent me from working with it extensively for a few weeks, I couldn\'t resist installing everything and trying out some sounds using the basic Kontakt interface and my MIDI controller (though I just realized I never got a sustain pedal for that, so that\'s on order now).

    Anyway, I\'m wondering how I would take an existing MIDI file as P1E did and substitute the GPO sounds. Once I get the sounds in there, I can edit the controllers and all that, but on first glance I\'m a little stumped as far as where to begin.

    I use Power Tracks by PG Music for MIDI editing/sequencing, and if possible would like to use that with the GPO sounds (typically I\'ve used soundfonts out of my SBLive A: synth), but if necessary I\'ll figure out the Cubasis program. One thing I\'ve realized about myself, though, is that when I use programs like this I tend to dive in and hack away, only to find out months later that there was a much easier way to do something that would have saved me a lot of time. [img]images/icons/blush.gif[/img] So I\'m trying to be more proactive and humbling myself to ask for help ahead of time! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I\'ve gleaned some info from others on the board here, and given enough time with the programs and the Help files I know I could figure everything out, but if anyone can offer some \"MIDI > GPO for Dummies\" kind of info it\'d be very helpful. The manual is pretty vague in this regard.

    Also, on the 4th CD-Rom, there is the installation for Cubasis and Overture, and a folder for Ambience, but no setup/install file for that. Is that already installed with GPO and if so where/how is that accessed?

    One more question (well, for now!)... On the Kontakt GPO interface, is there an easier way to adjust the control knobs, or to just type in a value? It\'s kind of a pain to try to turn those knobs with a mouse.

    Thanks much, and I really look forward to composing, recording and learning with GPO! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Demo: Adagio in G minor

    [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] on the sustain pedal... and I don\'t have a mod wheel on my keyboard. Bring that thing over here and we\'ll be able to use GPO somehow. Gary is probably tearing his hair out over us... probably will disable our licenses [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    For the long run, I\'d have to push you over into the Cubasis effort, or some other sequencer that is a VST host. Lots of history/success in the VST camp with effects and instruments... worth exploring!

    But in the short term, I\'m not above taking a wild guess or two, since I had to help my Dad w/ Powertracks. If I remember, it doesn\'t host VST instruments, so you\'ll have to use the standalone Kontakt player. I\'ll make the wild assumption that the standalone player has some config option where it can accept incoming MIDI from different ports (sounds like you got that to work).

    oops. I just wrote some long discourse on how to use MidiYoke (http://www.midiox.com), but now I\'m thinking twice... I sent you a private message w/ my email, because I\'ll need to ask you a question or two about Powertracks...

    but you\'re not far off... talk to you later!

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    Re: Demo: Adagio in G minor

    ok, lots of downloads, so -- Adagio slightly revised. Tried to add legato where appropriate (i.e. like I would know, therefore, a whole bunch), mod wheel fever most places, even tried a little up/down bow on the solos. Didn\'t change the instruments (that exercise is left to the reader), except for adding more (yes, more!) cellos.

    I should have picked something easier...In my hands, its a bit much at this point. The silver lining is that I now have a great little ditty for use in the event of my untimely demise...


    RE: Gary\'s comment on the MIDI file... the one I started with from MidiWorld is unattributed and I\'ve not heard anything back via their contact page. I would be happy to post my hacked up copy for others to use as a starting point/research tool. Trust me, its easier than learning to play the keyboard. Send me a private message/post here if you\'re interested.

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    Re: Demo: Adagio in G minor

    My experience with using midi files for doing serious classical music mockups, is that they often have been \'abbreviated\' so to speak in regards to shaving off and combining of instrumental parts and sections so as to accomodate the GM soundset. This can be fixed, but it\'s often better just to get a hold of a score (sometimes public libraries have a few scores of well known works) and work it up yourself.

    The other problem, which is a real pain sometimes, is that if the midi file is a good one, it usually has a ton of various controller and program change stuff loaded up all over the place to get the GM soundset to work better. Stripping all that out is a time consuming hassle.
    There have been times when I\'ve thought I got all the garbage out, only to have an odd thing going on in a part somewwhere that turns out to be some odd controller I\'ve missed mucking things up.

    I don\'t hate GM midi sequences, I just think they are not a real good starting point.

    Of course, if you cannot play very well (and good facility is needed! I know, I DON\'T have any!) or you don\'t know how to read the different parts, then midi files might be the only avenue.

    My advice to any others working from midi files would be to do what I suggested above and clean-up the controllers in the file before you go to work on it.

    Your \"Adagio\" isn\'t too bad though, keep working on it and you will probably get it sounding the way you want.

    (P.S.: Instead of working on someone else\'s midi file, why not make your own, so to speak. If you like modern sounding orchestral music or Stravinsky, say, then check out a program called \"Tangent\". I have used this program to generate some outstanding modern orchestral fragments which I then go to work on and incorporate into a larger work. It certainly beats slaving over a midifile of a great classical work done by someone in a hackneyed GM style!)

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