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Topic: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

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    CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    I got GPO to work last night and was disappointed to find out that I could not get all the instruments I wanted playing at the same time. I just wanted someone more knowledgeable to help me figure out whether my computer is just not powerful enough to run GOP properly (Dell Dimension 8100 with P4 1.5 Ghz processor and 1024 MB of rambus memory), or whether I could tweak something to get the ensemble I\'d like to play from GPO. I used Bidule to set up two instances of the GPO player, each with its own instance of the Ambience reverb. In GPO instance one, I had 4 first violins, 3 second violins, and 1 viola. In GPO instance two, I had 1 cello, 1 bass, and 1 bassoon. I was trying to recreate a simple Haydn (\"chamber\") symphony (#28) with these 11 instruments. The sequencer was a very old version of Cakewalk, and I used Maple Tools to get the midi routed properly. There are only four parts in the score, so I assigned the 4 first violins to midi channel 1, the 3 second violins to midi channel 2, the viola to midi channel 3, and the cello, bass, and bassoon to midi channel 4. With this setup, I was unable to get all four parts in the score playing at once without some really nasty sputtering and choking sounds. Is the Ambience reverb that much of a CPU hog? Should I be putting each instance of GPO through the same instance of Ambience? Should I be doing something else to that I am not? If not, what perfomrance should I reasonably expect from my machine with GPO? Should I be shopping for a new computer?

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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    there are already some other threads about this, for example
    so no need for a new one...

    It seems like both the kontakt player and the reverb need quite some horsepower to work (well not sooo much if you keep in mind where the current level of CPU power is... just a problem for \"older\" computers). So I guess you have two options: a) freeze tracks or b) shop for a bigger CPU. The requirements on gary\'s page say something about 1.8 Ghz minimum if I\'m remembering correctly and there were some reports in the initial phase of running GPO fine on a 2.4 laptop or something... you can search this forum for the older replies...
    Another idea is probably (as someone else said in a differen thread) to use different sounds to sketch the composition and the use GPO for the final rendering. From my experience, a complete orchestra template of Advanced Orchestra and Gigastudio works fine on my 1.3 Ghz. But as AO sounds really out of date GPO might be the thing to brush up the old compositions...


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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    Each instance of Kontakt only use 1-2% CPU on my 2.4 GHz machine. One instance of Ambience uses about 25% though. This is probably where you\'re running into problems. You can dial down how much CPU usage that Ambience uses but the sound won\'t be as good. You may want to check into upgrading your old version of Cakewalk to Sonar 3. The Lexicon reverb included only uses about 5% CPU plus the software has many other nice features.

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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    One instance of Ambience is almost enough to bring your set-up to its knees. Make sure you are using the dry instruments, and, as a test, don\'t load Ambience. See how many GPO instruments you can load. If you can load enough to be useful, add 1 instance of Ambience and run all instruments through the 1 instance. But Ambience will still take a big bite out of your CPU.

    If you want to squeeze the most out of your current computer, try turning the \"Quality/CPU\" knob on Ambience down to about 5% and compose. The reverb will still sound decent. When ready, turn the knob back up to 100% and render the mix. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    The Ambience reverb is probably a big part of it. I use a plugin called Classic Reverb from Kjaerhus Audio. Reviews here: (www.kvr-vst.com/get/648.html). It\'s amazing that it\'s a free plugin, and it\'s never been anything but stable on my machine. Uses less than 10% CPU.

    I called Gary last week and during that phone call he also mentioned that increasing the buffers on your soundcard to 1024 helps. There\'s also an updated version of the Kontakt player available now, which really made a difference on my system. (P4 2.0 Ghz, 1GB Ram, 2 hard drives, 1 for samples, 1 for software, etc).

    Good Luck!

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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    Thanks for the help. All of the suggestions were very useful. Using two instances of Ambience really killed my CPU. I\'ve redone the Bidule setup with only one instance of Ambience and dialed down the \"Quality/ CPU\" to about 38%. This makes a world of difference. I actually prefer the dialed down setting, because the reverb sound is transparent. It gives the GPO instruments a \"presence\" in a room, without sounding like the whole composition is washed out in wet sound.

    By the way, aren\'t the sounds in GPO just great? Its the best $250 bucks I\'ve ever spent on music equipment/software. Now, if I can only get a return on my \"investment\" (read \"depreciating asset\")in my EMU E-Synth keyboard (paid almost $4000 for it a few years back, with all the upgrades, and its now worth about a fourth of that).

    Oh well, I\'m having fun with GPO, which is living up to the hype and has made good on its promise of being an excellent tool to aid in composition. Great job by Gary Garritan, Tom Hopkins, and the Garritan team. Thanks for giving so many people a great set of tools with which to create.

    And while I\'m on the subject, thanks to Northensounds and the community of people who are its members. This thread right here is an example of what makes this place so great. People helping people. Thanks again.

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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    How would a G4 Dual 1.25 with 1gb of Ram perform? I am hoping this is going to suffice, as I have the chance of a great deal on this machine.

    Any help is gratefully appreciated.

    Kind regards amd Happy New Year,


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    Re: CPU horsepower needed for GPO

    The requirements on gary\'s page say something about 1.8 Ghz minimum
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Oh, maaaan... I\'ve only got 1.7 Ghz! I guess I\'d better send it back. Yeah, right! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Just got GPO a few minutes ago. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] But I\'ve got a big project to work on between now and Jan. 20, so I don\'t know if I\'ll have time to do much with it before then. Can we add an extra day to the week, please??

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