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Topic: I keep running out of Mod Wheel....

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    I keep running out of Mod Wheel....

    I\'m curious if anyone else has this problem. I\'ll start off my string line, but as it swells, and I want it bigger and bigger, before I know it I\'m out of Mod Wheel. is it just me? Curious how some of you guys manage such big dynamics???


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    Re: I keep running out of Mod Wheel....

    Try increasing the actual volume of your song. That way you won\'t have to add those extra decibels using the mod wheel, and hence you\'ll be able to use the mod wheel as an expression controller rather than a volume knob.

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    Re: I keep running out of Mod Wheel....

    Thanks Sepretod. My sister just walked in and had a conversation with me. it went something like this: \"Jeremy just in case you\'d like to know, so you\'re not offended - I hate this song. I know it\'s not your fault, what you\'re doing sounds good, but her voice is aweful.\". Hello captain obvious - as though I\'m not 100% aware that I\'m polishing a turd! So then she says \"well while I\'m here, I really think you need to go to the doctor\". Why? I ask. \"Well, I\'ve noticed over the last 3 weeks that your music is getting louder and louder and I\'m concerned that you\'re loosing your hearing\".

    So I don\'t know what\'s worse, I have nothing but crap to work on at Christmas or I\'m going deaf? 3 hours ago I cared about my mod wheel, now I have to wonder if I\'ll ever hear again!

    So I guess I\'ll try turning it up to test your theory and tell her I\'m testing my hearing range! Ha ha ha!!!!!


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    Re: I keep running out of Mod Wheel....

    My suggestion would be to perhaps try first lowering the overall volume of your piece so that you have more headroom when it comes to the big crescendos.

    For example, if you are already composing at a velocity of 120, a swell to 127 wont sound like much. But a swell from 60 to 127 will have real dynamic impact.

    Perhaps first find what you deem to be the loudest part of your piece and set that as 127. Everything else is then either building up to, or retreating from, that crescendo.

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    Re: I keep running out of Mod Wheel....

    The way I work in SONAR is to pre-mix by bouncing down say all the string parts in GPO, then brass, woods etc. I then make volume envelopes and add little \'extra\' crescendi and even add a little more reverb by automating the sends with another envelope. This is so easy to do in SONAR it\'s the reason I won\'t use anything else.

    Working this way is the only way I CAN work on my slow computer. I have to do much bouncing down as I go along (on some sequencers like Cubase I guess they call it \'freezing\' or \'rendering\').

    Btw, GPO is GREAT!!!

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