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Topic: Where and how to buy GPO

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    Where and how to buy GPO

    I\'m a bit confused regarding where and how to buy GPO from Sweden. The prices are different, the options seem to be preorders and my credit card will not be charged until shipping. The problem is that it\'s hard for me to reserve an amount of money like that, especially since the sum depends on shipping costs, tax etc and there seems to be no definitive indication of what total sum will be charged. Have I missed something?
    If possible, I would like to simply just buy it and pay for it whenever I have the money, and then wait for it to be delivered.

    (I\'m not saying that I think GPO is expensive, it\'s only a lot of money for me at the moment so I need to plan things carefully).


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    Re: Where and how to buy GPO

    I\'d say the online option is still probably your best shot. My copy was shipped here to Australia via FedEx, and that cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $35 US dollars. Pretty good deal, all things considered; this option was still cheaper than purchasing it through an Australian retailer.

    Gary or Maria will give you an estimate for the shipping cost if you e-mail them. I think it\'s well worth it. If FedEx is too pricey for you you can always ask about getting it shipped via post instead, though I\'m not sure if Garritan uses that method.

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    Re: Where and how to buy GPO


    You can order direct or you can also contact Best Service.


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    Re: Where and how to buy GPO

    I ordered mine direct from garritan.com. I mailed and asked about the shipping costs to Sweden and was told that \"for global priority mail, the cost is $17, for FedEx it is $35.\".
    Just that silly me did not wait for the answer, and ordered it anyway. I did send a reply when I got the price-information, stating that I\'d prefer the Global Prio. mail. Hopefully the order went through anyway though I never got an answer to my mail (Gary?)


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    Re: Where and how to buy GPO

    Thanks for the input guys [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Gary: If I order direct, is the money charged from my credit card right away? (That would be the best for me).


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