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Topic: loopquestion

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    Does anybody now how to set your loops so that they sound as one thing and not a pause when they begin again?

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    Re: loopquestion


    Some samples are cutted and looped in one bar exactly, but most of them have another downbeat at the end, and that is probably what you hear, the loop \"jumps\". In the world of samples, this is not a problem, because the note you play, \"triggers\" every beginning of the sample, plays one bar -at the corresponding tempo BPM, of course-, until the next note triggers the beginning again and so on, and does not care if is anything left: just ignores it. In GigaStudio happens the same thing, and if you use a sequencer, you could put a trigger note at the beginning of every bar, and will work. What you need, anyway, is to edit the sample in any wave editor (SoundForge is an excellent software), cutting the part that repeats the beginning and annoys you. You also can edit the sample wave in some sequencers, like Logic etc.

    I hope this can help,



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    Re: loopquestion

    I have to read your reply a few times to understand but I think i\'ll manage.
    I normalized the beginning of my sample because it was softer then the res so that gave a feel of beginning also.
    What I still don\'t understand is that if I loop the complete sample from 0 to max. samples I always hear a click at the beginning only if I leave out 1 sample it is gone.

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