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Topic: Recording with GPO?

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    Recording with GPO?

    Hello everyone,

    I may pick up GPO as a christmas present to myself as Ive been VERY impressed with all the demos Ive heard. My question is, how would one record when using GPO? At the moment, I use gigastudio (the wav capture feature) and load all those wavs into Cool Edit Pro and edit from there. I also sometimes use cakewalk express but am VERY unfamiliar with MIDI orchestrating and usually play everything by hand. Is there a wav capture type feature within GPO\'s player or some way I can route it to cakewalk express (if Cakealk will even install into windows XP as I havent tried yet since this computer is so new)? Lastly, I know it comes with CUBASIS, how would I use that to record and to mix with? Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Recording with GPO?

    Forget Gigastudio. GPO is way better IMHO. You need a host like Cubasis or I use Sonar 2.2XL.

    You just make your parts in midi and \'bounce down\'
    in Sonar. I don\'t use Cubase but I think it has a rendering utility like a \'freeze\' function.

    The integrated plug-in like the Kontakt player is the way the whole sampling industry is going. If you upgrade now you\'ll be able to stay current. Tascam has missed the boat with the Giga. Thats why they are making \'impulse reverbs\' instead of what everyone thought was going to be Giga 3.0..!!

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