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Topic: no midi response in GIGASTUDIO??!!

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    no midi response in GIGASTUDIO??!!

    I was happily running gigastudio on my system till my C drive went up in smoke and I had to re-install everything. I have an Athlon 850, 256 MB of ram, 18GB U2W dedicated gigs disk + the C drive with OS and applications only, an EGOSYS 24/96 card and a Pulsar card. I only use the midi of the Pulsar card with gigastudio, however after the re-install of everything Gigastudio loads fine and loads samples as well but I cannot trigger the sample via midi. The midi works fine in the Pulsar environment so I no its not that. Also when I load a sample its shows the memory usage but no cpu usage now and no midi activity. Can someone please explain this to me (it used to work so I am sure I am missing something in my frustration). Should I skirt the whole issue and buy a parallel midi interface? HELP!!!!!!

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    Re: no midi response in GIGASTUDIO??!!


    I have exactly the same effect since this weekend. I have a P-III 800eb, 256MB RAM, 30GB HDD with two partitions: C for programs and D for audio data) and two EWS88MT. I also had a DMX XFire1024 in my system. Well, I thought I don\'t need the DMX XFire anymore and removed it from the system. After this, GigaStudio shows the same behavior. MIDI does\'nt work anymore in GigaStudio, but with - for example Cubase - it functions properly. Even after reinstalling the complete system the problem remains: you cannot trigger samples, not even from the GigaStudio\'s internal keyboard - nothing helps. Do I have to use an explicit cheap \"Sound Card\" to get GigaStudio to work? At this time I have no more ideas. Need help too!!!

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