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Topic: Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

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    Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

    EXS-24\'s editor has allows you to import multiple samples with an option called auto-map. If your sampes are named with their root note EXS will automatically import and map the samples to thier corresponding root key. I don\'t own Kontakt yet but have been playing with the demo. When I drag and drop samples into the mapping editor it neither maps them in order by root key nor assigns a root key. They basically map alphabetically with no root assignment and it\'s a big mess that has to be manually remapped and assigned to the correct keys. The question is does Kontakt have a similar auto mapping feature like EXS-24 that I just havn\'t found yet?


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    Re: Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

    If it is from a program to an other, both opened in Kontakt, you can simply copy and paste. Then it will be mapped the exact same way than in the original program.

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    Re: Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

    Hey Daniel ..Its me again..I also think they(the samples, the .nki and the folders) have to be named the same so that the .nki can instantly recognize and u dont have to find/auto-find each layer and sample to be organized.I think that was the problem i was finding importing the .nki U sent.Hope that helps..Best, Rich [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

    Hey Rich, I\'m speaking about creating new programs from scratch, not importing from other formats. Say I create a new Kontakt instrument and import three samples into the mapping editor called C1.aif, C2.aif, and C3.aif. Is there a way that I can make Kontakt automatically map them to their respective keys with their respective root notes already assigned? When I tried this with many files they dragged inot the mapping editor fine but it loaded them in the order in which they were arranged in the browser rather than solely by their note names. EXS-24 will give you this option when you import samples into a new instrument. It makes mapping in EXS a breeze as it\'s almost automatic.

    Now, after I posted this topic I was playing with the demo more and found that if I re-sort the files in the browser by date that they will drag in to the mapper the correct way because of the way I originally saved the samples after I edited them, but that\'s not the same as auto-mapping, that was just luck and it might not always work out that way, and the root keys weren\'t necessarily assigned to the correct keys.


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    Re: Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

    Hmmm I see what u mean .Since I`ve never really programed a inst.from scratch i have no idea what im talking about.But,I noticed in the mapping editor under the edit tab at the bottom theres a bunch of choices for how u want to handle your Root key stuff.This may be only in the latest 1.2.1 version of Kontakt.Might this help Daniel?Really want to hear your Farfisa in Kontakt..He..he, If u really want to know,U might want to ask David Das.He`s the Moderator at the NI Kontakt Forum and he`s built lots of Inst.for Kontakt.Just post a Q: addressed to him .he`s really good at getting back to ya`..Rich

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    Re: Does Kontakt have an Auto-Map feature?

    Yeah, I\'ll probably head over to the NI forum.


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