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Topic: adding new sounds to Giga Library

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    adding new sounds to Giga Library

    I just purchased the Peter Erskine drum library and am completely confused as to how I go about getting the sounds into Gigastudio 160

    All of the files are in CDR format, I can load them into Giga using the AConverter Software but what do I do then? Do I really have to map all of these sounds by myself?

    Also this Cd has a bunch of loops on it. How do you use those? Just cut and paste them together and hope that you get them to sound natural where they are put together?

    Wait, it gets worse.

    On this CD are a bunch of single hits of the different drum instruments at different attacks, about 8 or 10 per drum but when they are converted to .wav files in Giga they come in as just one file! How am I supposed to separate out all of those attacks so I can make an instrument out of this mess.

    All I really wanted was to buy this CD and be able to program the drum kits from my Korg Trion ProX and and be able to use my sequencer to replay them. What the hell am I missing here!

    any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: adding new sounds to Giga Library


    It sounds like you have the audio disk, rather than the CD rom. The only way to get that audio into Giga is by doing what you\'re currently going through - convert to .wavs, slice things up in an editor, loop where applicable, and then make Giga instruments with sensible layouts and velocity switching for the multiple samples.

    It\'s a lot of work , which is why some people prefer to spend maybe two or three times the price of the audio disk on a ready - to - go CD rom with basically the same contents.


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