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Topic: Aghhh, GPO sounds horrible!

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    Re: Aghhh, GPO sounds horrible!

    Originally posted by andyst:
    Really, really quiet ... I’m using a Mac G4 1.4GHz and want to use GPO from within DigitalPerformer 4.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">andy,

    First adjust the Mod Wheel up. Mod Wheel adjusts volume. If you have your mod wheel set in the down position it will be \"really, really quiet\".

    Next, you need DP 4.11 rather than 4. I believe it\'s a free download from the MOTU site. Also, increase the buffers.

    Try these things and see if that solves the problem. If you still have problems please email me and we\'ll do our best you get you running properly.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Aghhh, GPO sounds horrible!

    And use wet rather than dry. Dry is for adding effects later. GPO minus reverb is not grand, just like orchestra without hall is not grand.

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    Re: Aghhh, GPO sounds horrible!

    Right - thanks guys for the help so far - one problem sorted; I can now hear the sounds much better, thanks to upping the mod wheel in Kontakt and raising the volume knob as well.
    This has raised some further points (sorry!) First of all when using the ‘wet’ sounds, when you release a key the sound takes quite some time to die away, but instead of fading with a natural ambience, it dies with a lot of hiss and crackles like a badly scratched vinyl record; should that be happening?
    Secondly, is there any way to control amount of touch sensitivity on the sounds? For example when playing the Piano sample I have to absolutely pound my keyboard to get any kind of fortissimo out of it.
    Finally (gasp) I still can’t it to show up in DP4.11 - mind you, DP’s manual has precious little about how to install/configure plug-in’s, so there may be a simple solution; but I haven’t found it yet!
    OK - that’s all for now! I’m sure I’m going to have a whale of a time once I get everything up and running properly - a big ‘Hollywood’ demo will be on it’s way soon!
    Thanks again,

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    Re: Aghhh, GPO sounds horrible!

    If you\'re getting pops, either your computer is too slow, or your audio buffer is set too small. I\'m not using a Mac, so I won\'t attept to tell you how to set the buffer size. I hear that the ambience plug in is a bit of a hog, so don\'t use that. Just select the wet samples from the Load button.

    BTW, there\'s another way to make GPO sound awful. When I was messing with my buffer size, the card started playing the samples at twice speed (at least). The contra-tuba sounded like a bad trombone and the trumpets sounded like chipmunk squeeks. The worst part was that the tremolo was double rate. Ack! A re-boot fixed that. But in the meantime playing in the lower registers to compensate sounded pathetic!

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    Aghhh, GPO sounds horrible!

    First of all I have to say a big thank you to Gary for getting my copy of GPO to me today. I live in the UK and was expecting to get my copy some time into the new year, so to have it on my doorstep when I got in from work was a great surprise!
    Having followed the installation instructions (accurately I think!), the instruments sound horrible! Really, really quiet and very *hissy*, like they were recorded in 2bit format!
    Now I confess I’m a MIDI musician, so this is my first foray into sampling so I’m guessing I’ve done something very wrong.
    I’m using a Mac G4 1.4GHz and want to use GPO from within DigitalPerformer 4. (BTW, I can’t see any reference to GPO when I’m in DP4, so I’m guessing I’m done something wrong there as well!)
    Please can someone help a newbie get to grips with this problem. Please either leave a msg here, or e-mail to glovepuppet@mac.com.
    Many thanks for any help,


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