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Topic: GPO generating a Dr Watson

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    GPO generating a Dr Watson

    I\'m sorry to be posting this [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] but I\'m having aweful trouble with the GPO under Project 5 and Sonar 2.2. Basically I Load it up, load a sample and send midi notes from an external keyboard. After a short while, bang program disappears and a Dr Watson is generated. This is mostly with the DXi version, but also happens with the VSti version as well.

    System is a Dual Athlon, 512 Meg Ram, M-Audio Delta 44 Sound card, M-Audio Midiman 1*1 Midi interface and a PCR30 (used as Midi interface).

    Any ideas? I\'m really looking forward to getting to grips with the library once I\'ve got this solved.

    Andy C

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson


    I\'ll pass this along to NI. In the meantime, I could use more details. Could you call or email me so we can resolve this as soon as possible.

    Gary Garritan

    PS We want to be like Sherlock solving this mystery, but what is a Dr. Watson?

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    Dr Watson is a log file that Windows XP can generate when a program crashes. As you can imagine developers use it quite often to see where a program is crashing !

    I\'ll send you a private email as well.


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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    I just got GPO last night. I installed it on my highly tweaked, highly overly-junk-installed PC. Unfortunatly things are unstable. I\'ve had a bunch of blue screens of death when running GPO. Pressing the foot pedal is a guranteed crash. Giga still runs fine on it though :-) Stable as a rock.

    Before anybody panics, I\'m going to take my time, get all my data, programs and product codes together and re-build my system from scratch. It had way too much history before I put Giga on it two years ago. And it\'s had every tweak in the book applied since. I can\'t expect NI to have coded for infinite possibilities.

    GPO does run for a bit though. The programming is novel and the sounds seem fine. The breadth is astonishing for the price.

    It seemed more stable when the ASIO buffers were huge (like 5,512) , but the latency was forever. At 512 I got some clicks and crashes. At 768 I don\'t hear clicks, but I can start to perceive latency and things aren\'t stable.

    For a few minutes I was able to run GPO and Giga together :-) Then GPO died. Then the BSOD arrived. Oh well.

    I also got QLBrass today. I have a jazz/pop job to do right now, so I\'ll put my PC-rebuild on the back burner for a few days.

    Wish me luck when I do the fresh build. All my fingers and toes will be crossed!

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    I\'d be interested to know if anyone gets Giga and Kontakt or Kompakt to run simultaneously on 1 comp. I never could. I dont know what the conflicts are but I had to go 2 computers.

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson


    Did you get them to run together at all, or just not for very long?

    My GPO BSOD occurs regardless of whether I shut down the Msg32 thread (Giga\'s sampler thread). At least GPO runs on my machine long enough to get a taste of it - at least five minutes, unless I touch the sustain pedal.

    It\'s great that I got QL Brass today. I\'ve been busy and happy. It\'s helped me to be patient about getting GPO to be stable :-)

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    I had the Kontakt demo go for a short space and then a lock-up. Kompakt never worked for me on the same comp.It works fine on two. The NI forum was not greatly responsive.
    I should add simultaneous. Individually each program runs fine on the same comp. BTW I liked your children\'s string work a lot.

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    Are you guys using Sonar ? Are you putting the GPO in the synth rack or the FX bin ? I\'ve found that the GPO is more stable in the synth rack rather then the FX bin.


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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    I tried it standalone and as a Cubase VST 4 plugin.

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    Re: GPO generating a Dr Watson

    What sounds are you loading in? There are a few sounds that crash GPO with the sustain pedal depressed. Solo Flute V and the French Horn Mutes both have issues.

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