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Topic: notation program, what are you using?

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    notation program, what are you using?

    Notation programs.

    What are you people using, or perhaps not using.

    I work on a pc exclusively, and have tried overture 2, sibelius 1.3x, and finale 98 +(and some later editions).

    I have some scores in finale 98, and have started to use sibelius more and more.

    What are others using, and don\'t tell me the notation window in the sequencing program that you use, because that is a big joke in most programs, cakewalk, etc.....or perhaps some of you find it usefull and correct, share your successes.

    Update us dear users, what do yo people use, and do you use the sequencing capabilities to trigger giga(sampler, or studio) from the score directly or not.

    Start this discussion, it needs to happen.

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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    I\'d have to say that Finale is still the most powerful notation program out there. Sibelius has a very attractive layout, and its redraw rate is great, but there are some aspects which keep it from being as powerful. I also prefer the speedy note entry system in Finale to the step-time entry in Sibelius.

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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    Although, unarguably a standalone score editor such as Finale/Sibelius is much more powerful, I prefer working through a sequencer such as Cakewalk. At least when it comes to controlling samples.

    By having direct access to midi messages/controllers and perhaps sysx data, you can achieve a finer control of the samples and the sound modules.

    Unfortunately, there is a gap between scoring and midi programming, and it\'s very hard to totally satisfy both from one application.

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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    I’ve used Finale for many years. I’ve spent that whole time looking forward to the arrival of something better, but so far…

    Finale does give you access to midi messages and controller data; but, of course, in the most inconvenient way possible. I’m contemplating getting a sequencer to use alongside, composing in Finale, then exporting and creating the finished performance in a sequencer. I’m also thinking of taking up C++ to develop a Finale plug in for editing MIDI data. Talk about getting side tracked!

    I agree with chilcote.9 that the notation available in sequencers is a joke. It sends me back to Finale every time.

    There is a new notation program, Igor, that’s just available for the Mac (and still in its infancy), but will cross over at some point.

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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    I\'ve used both Finale and Sibelius
    for notation. I really like both of them (Finale can be a hard one to learn!). Sibelius is supposed to import Finale files, although some Finale 2000 files that others have sent me just didn\'t want to import 100% correctly for some reason in the edition of Sibelius that I had tried. Since Finale is still widely used, I don\'t think I\'ll be able to trade in my Finale hat for a Sibelius hat until I can be sure that Sibelius loads Finale 100%.


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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    I have Finale and Sibelius, but I actually use Cakewalk Overture. The UI for Finale is simply Byzantine... as though it were designed by aliens from the X-Files. Sibelius just doesn\'t quite have the beef necessary to handle the sequencing needs I have. So I\'ve settled on Overture. It\'s far easier to use than either Finale or Sibelius. It takes five minutes to learn. It gives me access to all the controller data and parameters I need. And it\'s cheap.

    Overture has a number of drawbacks, and it\'s certainly not for everyone. But it works vbery nicely for me. For those of you who used Encore before Passport went dots up, you\'d really like Overture. It was written by the same guy, Don Williams, and has a very similar, albeit much improved, interface.


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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    What about Logic\'s score window?

    I was under the inpression that (after a bit of research) the best way to learn and toy with auido, midi, and written score was with the Gigastudio/Logic Audio combo.

    Now, after spending all the cash on these programs, people seem to be saying that the smoothist way to do all of this is with Giga studio, Cakewalk, and some other score tool such as Finale or Sibelius.

    Now I\'m feeling a bit of buyer\'s remorse.

    I can give up the use in Logic\'s audio section when used with Gigastudio (and use it sepperatley to record audio projects).

    However, the real \"magic\" I thought was in the midi/score section of Logic.

    Am I to understand that all I have is a fancy midi sequencing tool for Gigastudio when it comes to Logic?

    Or have others been satisfied with Logic\'s score funtion.


    P.S. This is my first PC, my first sampler, and the only sequencer I\'ve evewr owned. I am strictly a piano player/wanna-be composer so please respond with that in mind.

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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    I use Finale and am quite happy with it. In a week long seminar in Princeton NJ last summer one class project was to compare Finale with Sibelius and Finale came out the winner. Are you familiar with \"The Finale Primer, Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale\" by Bill Purse? (Miller Freeman Books, San Francisco) Good luck and keep your chin up!

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    Re: notation program, what are you using?

    NoteHeads have just release a “preview” of their notation program Igor at

    It’s incredibly buggy, but gives some glimpse of the product. Hopefully they’ll get some clue about Windows interface conventions before the final release.

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