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Topic: New User Demo

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    Re: New User Demo

    Hi and thanks to all for those fine words.
    TO JSB : you can easly do it with the GPO bundle.

    I think that the sequencer is not the matter. Every kind of sequencer do the same thing : RECORD and PLAY your music (is it Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Nuendo and so on). These programs works in different ways, but the relust is still the same : to play What YOU have recorded into. In \"PEACE\" i\'ve used only a reverb on a L-R mix of the tracks.
    My suggest is to put more care on your musical ideas (and the way to create and re-create them), than on technical facts.

    Thanks again to all (in particular GARY)...I love you!
    Sorry for bad english!

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    Re: New User Demo

    A few more fine words I\'m afraid Fransesco. A beautiful restful little piece reinforcing again the competency of GPO (providing you have the ability to drive it properly, that is)!

    Is there still anyone out there who still believes that you need very much more than GPO except for very esoteric niche requirements??


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    Re: New User Demo

    Dear Frank,
    as you know i\'m Italian, so i don\'t fully-understand what you wrote. It seems to be a criticism (or a provocation?)and, anyway, i\'m happy about that.
    I like very much to write music and to share it with others, and so i do. I think GPO is a really good library. I don\'t know the reason why my \"peace\" like so much, i did it without any expectation, and so i\'m glad for the result.
    Also think there are more beautiful tracks than mine on Garritan.
    I\'m sorry if my words seems to be what they won\'t to be. I don\'t want to offend anybody.
    Thanks again.

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