Steinway Concert Grand Piano
Piano Concerto in A Minor (1.6MB) Excerpt

The Piano Concerto in A is one of Edvard Grieg\'s best-known pieces. It is a technically demanding work for pianists even today. This demo was sequenced in Cubasis VST 4.0 which is included with Personal Orchestra. The piano is the Steinway Concert Grand Piano from the Personal Orchestra collection.

Personal Orchestra Instrumentation: Steinway Concert Grand Piano. Steinway is a registered trademark of Steinway & Sons. The Steinway name is used by permission from Steinway & Sons.


Tubby the Tuba (1.4 MB)
Here is a something a little on the lighter side. This arrangement of Tubby the Tuba is for (what else) tubas - actually a tuba quartet using the four solo tubas in Personal Orchestra. No processes were applied and just bounced to disc in the Cubasis VST program included in Personal Orchestra.

Personal Orchestra Instrumentation: All four tubas from Personal Orchestra were used: Solo Tuba #1, Solo Tuba #2, Tuba f Overlay and ContraTuba.


Partita in B flat Major by J.S. Bach(1.1 MB)

Percussion Demo(2.8 MB)

This is a demo of some of the percussion instruments in Personal Orchestra including bass drum, typani, snare, gong, cymbals, orchestral chimes, xylophone, marimba and orchestral bells.

Mallet Demo - This is a demo of the mallet percussion instruments playing a delightful piece from the opera \"Carmen\". Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Marimba and Vibraphone were used in this demo.

Many more instrument demos will be coming soon!

Gary Garritan