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Topic: GPO and cubase SL 1

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    Re: GPO and cubase SL 1

    I can\'t help you with the mod/velocity exchange, although I\'m almost certain this would be easy to do...

    But, I can tell you that if you\'re entering the notes with your mouse because you don\'t have a MIDI controller that you can also enter the sustain pedal this way, just open the key editor and choose sustain from the drop-down menu and grab the pencil tool, then just drag a line under all the notes you want the sustain pedal activated for.

    Just keep in mind, if you are using the sustain data for legato mode, you have to change the sustain pedal setting in GPO...


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    Re: GPO and cubase SL 1

    thank you I know that, in fact I\'m working in this way putting manually the sustain pedal but it should be better to play the part and register an emulation of the pedal, much less work!
    Thank you, I hope someone know how to do that

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    Re: GPO and cubase SL 1


    I would suggest that you leave the controls the way they are.

    The velocity data that you already have will now affect the attacks within GPO. When you add the mod wheel data to the original MIDI file it works in conjunction with the old velocity data to produce a truly realistic sound. Volume and Brightness of the instrument now added to the correct attack for that volume.

    I had a few doubts about changing everything too, but I have found out that the old velocty data I have for my MIDI files fits perfectly with the new GPO controls.


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    GPO and cubase SL 1

    I\'m working with my GPO ( [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ) and I would like to ask you a bounch of questions to see if someone has a solution for me:
    first of all, do you know if it possible to emulate a sustain pedal I don\'t know with the mouse or with the keyboard? I\'m working on a laptop and I don\'t have a keyboard here with me so it would be nice to have something like that instead of do it manual note by note!
    second, do you know if it\'s possible in cubase to exchange the midi controll in order to exchange the modulation controll with the velocity one? I have a lot of work just written with all the \"volumes\" set as velocities and it\'s simpler to add some \"attack\" that rechange everything!
    I know there is a \"filter\" option in cubase that probably could do it but I don\'t know how it works.

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