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Topic: Question on legato

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    Question on legato

    In the manual, it says that you cannot have 2 different instances of Kontact set for different sustain pedal function (ie: one instance set with legato mode, the other with sustain mode)
    Are they referring to each instrument in a single instance of Kontact - or are they referring to completely seperate Kontact instances. If it is the latter, this seems like a pretty serious limitation - since you could never program a sustain instrument and legato instrument in the same song file. It looks almos tlike this limitation is, in fact, the case. To those who have more experience - please describe work arounds?

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    Re: Question on legato

    \"If it is the latter, this seems like a pretty serious limitation - since you could never program a sustain instrument and legato instrument in the same song file. \"

    I am still waiting for my copy of GPO, but I
    would think if it is the latter then if you have
    used sustain already , then you would just need
    to open a second instance of the Kontakt player
    in the same song and use this for legato mode.

    Limitation resolved [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Question on legato

    I\'m running GPO in XP Logic 5.5 so it may be logic issue.. but I have the same problem. All instances seem to share the same setting. This will probably be solved in the next update.. otherwise it is a serious limitation. (can\'t put piano together with legato strings? No way!)

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    Re: Question on legato

    Just tried magpies idea. It\'s a no go. The only work around that I can see is that you would have to do all of your midi work with legato mode for certain instruments and then render them to audio and then close that instance of the player, open a new one and enable the sustain mode and start laying down the midi in it. This definetely is a limitation that I hope NI overcomes soon.

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    Re: Question on legato

    The only instrument I generally use the sustain pedal for sustaining sounds is the piano
    ( although one might also include harp,harpsichord and vibs ).
    The rest work fine with the sustain set to midi control. So the problem is when, for example, you have piano and orchestra. With sustain set for midi control it is like playing a piano without sustain, and yet one wants to have use of the legato tool for strings. What I do is perform the piano with the sustain set to normal operation then switch it when working on all other instruments(listening to the piano in the mix without the sustain pedal still provides a good feedback on the general mix when working, and there is less polyphony to deal with). Then when I\'m ready to mix down, or when the piano editing is finished I flip the control to normal operation and bounce the piano to an audio track( in sonar). I then mute the piano midi track and flip the sustain pedal back to midi control.
    This is a slightly annoying problem when doing piano+orchestra, but it is pretty easy to work around.


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    Re: Question on legato

    I use a lot of piano in my scores. This is really disturbing to hear. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    The whole idea of GPO is to free your brain from technical hassles so you can just compose. Thanks for offering the work-around, but I know this will become quite annoying to have to backtrack every time I use the included piano with the rest of the orchestra.

    Surely this is a temporary bug in Kontakt?

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    Re: Question on legato

    Like Duncan says, it is pretty easy to work around. Nonetheless, I think we would all prefer the ability to have unique cc64 settings in each instance of the Kontakt player.

    I have reported this to NI. We\'ll see what comes of it. The same \'feature\' applies to the full version of Kontakt as well, so it may well be a very \'deeply buried\' coding element in the engine.


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    Re: Question on legato

    I think that if Kontakt fixes it they should have the pedal mode an option per instrument, not per Kontakt session. Thus instrument patches could come with the correct behavior for the sustain pedal mapped with no thought required on the user\'s part.


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    Re: Question on legato


    Make sure your picking the right cymbals. Some are muted while others ring.

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    Re: Question on legato

    personally, I\'m having trouble with cymbals. The release on the cymbals are quite short without sustain. (like it\'s being muted) I hope this gets solved soon.

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