Ok, so I thought I might try to take advantage of the extremely Knowledgeable people who visit this site and try to get some ideas on how to go further with Gigasampler.


I have a very fast 1.0 Ghz Athalon processor and 384 megs of ram a couple of hard disks, Delta 1010 sound card and everything as far as Gigasampler is concerned is running very well, 160 voices / no pops /very happy.

My problems begin with how best to use Gigastudio 160. I have my sequencer (Cubase VST 24) on an iMac DV SE and am using the built in sound card that came with the machine

I can only record 16 bit into cubase because of the sound card even though Cubase will support 24 bit recording.

When i do a save to disk operation in Gigastudio 160 everything goes well, but the file is saved as a .wav file, and Cubase won\'t use a .wav file so I have to convert it to a .aif file and then drag it over to the mac and into the Cubase program. But Cubase won\'t use an .aif file created on the PC so I have to run that file (or the original .wav file) through the \"sound Jam\" converter on the Mac to make it a .aiff file that Cubase can recognize.

Now I have to somehow drag it into place in the Cubase sequencer window and get it lined up with any other Audio files i might have and get it all to play together.

I know that I can just run one of the outs from the Delta 1010 on the PC to the audio in on the Mac and record that way, but it doesn\'t make much sense to me take Gigasutdio samples convert them to analog sound run them over to Cubase and then reconvert them into Digital material again in Cubase. Wouldn\'t you want to keep the file digital as long as possible? Here are list of questions I have about this process.

1) Is there such a thing as a 24 bit .aiff file?

2) If I have to take a 24 bit file and make it into a 16 bit file for Cubase, does it matter which program I use? I mean is wavelab or some other expensive converter really better at performing this operation than Sound Jam?

3) should i just use Cubase as a sequencer and leave all of the Gigastudio .wav files on the PC and Burn my CD\'s from there?

4) I also have as master keyboard a Triton ProX, alot of the sounds in this unit I would like to use. What should I do, get a good firewire soundcard like the motu428 firewire card and record the files directly into Cubase? But then how do I do a final mix with all of these files all over the place and burn a CD to amaze my friends? Do I then copy these files to the PC and somehow combine them with the files I created with the Gigastudio save to disk function and burn a CD from there?

Any help would be greatly apperciated