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Topic: difficult

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    I think gigastudio is a beatiful program soundwise but a monster to get something done.
    In fact ═\'m busy now for days to get a simple small wav.file under a key and can\'t get it done and the editor is way to difficult either, so is the help.
    What the $%## you have to do to get a few wave files in a bank (gigfile) the wizzard in the editor is more difficult then the program itself.
    Also there is nowhere a button to hear somthing the only way you can hear anything to load a gigfile and play your keyboard and that is exactly what I can\'t get done.(creating my own gigfiles that is)
    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: difficult

    Go to www.worrasplace.com and click on tips and tricks. There you┤ll find how to make gigs from wav.

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    Re: difficult

    Hey thx I will!

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