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Topic: User demo posted

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    Re: User demo posted


    Jim Ortner (Haydn) produced the Beethoven demo. Jim is a hobbyist (and a highly skilled one at that), so one could argue that his demo falls under the \"user demo\" category. Hair splitting, I know. But, at the very least, I wanted to point out that Jim is a regular \"user,\" not a professional (i.e., paid) demo maker.

    He\'s also a cool dad and an all-around great guy.


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    Re: User demo posted

    Hi Pat,

    Well, interesting background info, I wasn\'t aware of that.


    (also a hobbyist dad - I have 4 demos walking around [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )

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    Re: User demo posted

    \"...I am completely out of my samples budget (lousy time for freelancers), otherwise I already would have bought GPO and could have done some demoing myself...\"

    I\'m sorry to hear that, I\'ve definitely been there myself! I just sold my old \'sketchpad\' of the EMU unit I mentioned and a JV-1080 with both orchestra cards. That\'s the only way I can afford to upgrade to GPO and EW Silver at this time, so I can sympathize with anyone still stuck with AO. I was a frequent user of AO for a couple of years (it was all I had for awhile) I bought it on a pre-order before it was released and could barely contain myself with anticipation for five months waiting. The day it arrived I was prepared for a mild dissapointment as you have to be with most orchestra libraries, but a couple hours later I was so dissapointed with certain instruments I remember furiously searching sample developer catalogs for any news of a new string product. After wasteing more money on another string library, I eventually just tried to push through with AO and then I got roped into waiting for the \"UPGRADE 97\" b.s. which still offered more lifeless strings (though a little better in some regards).

    I respect what Siedlaczak was trying to do, to give us what Gary is doing now, he might have been restrained by mid-nineties technology, who knows?

    Btw, there are some nice orchestral products from the past decade. I like you, can no longer afford them or the great new stuff. After this I will just have to be satisfied, but that is why I am so charged about GPO: you CAN live with it a verylong time and produce the music in your heart, I believe.

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    Re: User demo posted

    if at all anything, al these \"great new libraries\" will show us is that \"talent\" is where its at. It will show ith GPO as well (even tho I think its a great new library too), as long as we\'ll all realize that GPO is a great tool and CAN sound quite nice, the same that silver can or opus.

    The fact that affordable GOOD sounding libraries are available pisses me off, and makes me so happy at the same time. There will be alot of movement in MUSIC MAKING now, rather than sample lust....

    atleast I hope.

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    Re: User demo posted

    Hi Nexus,

    I\'m lucky that I could eventually replace all of my AO instruments ;-) My website lists the libraries I have bought since 2000, when I started out with this unwise orchestral sampling hobby (wise from a passion perspective, very unwise financially [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ).

    Thomas (tabtech),
    A few replies back I offered some help with running your cue through an impulse verb, a little mastering, hosting of a larger mp3, etc. Just let me know if you want to try that.


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