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Topic: Kontact WDM drivers

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    Kontact WDM drivers

    Hi all,

    I use Kontact with Sonar. I am a new user. I am wondering if NI will develop a WDM driver. I have only been able to get it to work with ASIO. Does anyone know if there will be a WDM driver developed?


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    Re: Kontact WDM drivers

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for the reply. I am glad to hear that Kontact is working well for you. Perhaps my troubles stem from a combination of the WDM driver for my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 interface and Sonar. That could be it, although every other plug-in I am using is working well. Also, why is it that when running Kontact as a stand alone; WDM is not listed as a driver choice in there Audio Option menu? I take that to mean they have no WDM driver.

    I haven\'t checked out ACID Pro 4. Sample loops are a small part of how I work so I am not sure ACID would be the best choice for me, although I should check it out. For video editing I use Adobe Premiere, but I have heard great things about Vegas too.

    Garius Hill

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    Re: Kontact WDM drivers

    I usually run ASIO, so don\'t know the answer off the top of my head. Why not run Kontakt using ASIO? The latency is VERY low.

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    Re: Kontact WDM drivers

    What type of soundcard are you using? Maybe the WDM drivers aren\'t up to snuff.

    I use Kontakt with Sonar and, while I prefer the ASIO drivers, I\'ve also used it with WDM drivers with pretty low latency. I\'m using an Audiotrak soundcard with their EWDM drivers (ASIO, WDM & GSIF) and Kontakt works great.

    I\'ve also found that Kontakt works even BETTER under VST with Acid Pro 4, which now fully supports midi piano roll editing, etc. I\'ve found that the combination of the solid Sonic Foundry audio engine (MUCH better than Sonar\'s) with the VST midi instruments is exactly what I need. I can run twice as many tracks in Acid Pro 4 AND have better looping control for drum tracks (I\'ve never been a big fan of Sonar\'s groove clip implementation).

    I don\'t think Sonic Foundry makes a bad app. Vegas 4 is a champ as well.

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    Re: Kontact WDM drivers


    In Windows XP most of the software and applications that I use within Sonar actually runs with lower latency using WDM drivers, when compared to ASIO. IT is actually a newer standard than ASIO. I just think it is something that needs addressing by NI. Don\'t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of NI and Kontact. Soft samplers and Virtual instruments are actually a dream come true for me and I humbly thank the developers like NI and GIGa and Spectrasonics for their huge contributions. This is great for me on two fronts, at least.
    1. Better Sounding samples than ever
    2. portability (I won\'t have to carry a huge 12 space rack of modules everywhere.)

    Nevertheless, there can always be improvements.

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