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Topic: Virtual Audio Cable and GS

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    Virtual Audio Cable and GS

    Does anyone have any experience using Virtual Audio Cable to route audio from GS to Cakewalk or a similar program....and know whether it\'s any better than GS Audio Capture? The program\'s advertised as Direct Sound compatible, so it should work, no?

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    Re: Virtual Audio Cable and GS

    VAC uses “emulated” direct sound, so it’s not likely to work. It would be great if it did.

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    Re: Virtual Audio Cable and GS

    I tried VAC and the latency made it unplayable, like 500 ms.

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    Re: Virtual Audio Cable and GS

    I\'ve done quite a bit of tinkerin with VAC and Gig and Samplitude...
    No Luck yet. Best I\'ve gotten is a really choppy, barely audable(sp?)signal in Samplitude.
    I spoke with tech support at Gig and they said \"No Way\" because of Gig\'s architecture...it has to use certain drivers and VAC\'s is not one of them...what a complete bummer though-ay!? Gig rocks, you get excited about the possibility of VAC and then hit the big dead end!!!
    The best we could do is use two soundcards with lightpipe thus avoiding the d/a a/d conversion and loss.
    It\'s amazing that Gig has not forseen this need. Let\'s keep our fingers crossed.
    On a curious note can anyone out there explain how VAC uses emulation?
    Good luck to us all!

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    Re: Virtual Audio Cable and GS

    Yeah I tried Vac the other night and decided it is no good.You lose your AISo and GSIF support which is why I bought a Darla24 to start with.I want to record at 24/96 and this tool gets in the way of that.It is a good idea though,and if they could keep up with the industry it would be cool.
    I decided to use wave capture when I want to stay digital.It is no more complicated to do that than it is to try and fumble around with the VAC driver!

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