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Topic: A little bit of help with GPO, please

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    A little bit of help with GPO, please

    I hope that I can find the time this weekend to learn GPO and sequencers, but I need some help to start off. I believe I made my first mistake....

    In my hurry to install and register GPO, I installed it as a \"stand-alone.\" It installed and registered fine. I then installed Cubasis, and this installed fine. But I now realize that I want to use GPO with Cubasis. I want to import midis created in Finale into Cubasis, and play them back using GPO as a VST. Now I can see that I need GPO to be installed as a VST into Cubasis.

    How can I now put GPO into Cubasis having already installed GPO as a stand-alone?

    Thanks for the advice.


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    Re: A little bit of help with GPO, please

    Just rerun the installer program and check the box for VSTi this time. There shouldn\'t be any problem. The installer will install and register the VSTi and nothing more.

    Fred Grittner

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