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Topic: too much CPU usage??

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    too much CPU usage??

    Hi all,

    I have a question:
    - with GStudio, I have loaded 7 instruments for each channel. Just reverbs, no other nfx;
    - the memory meter displays that I\'m using about 45% of ram, more or less;
    - the CPU meter indicates about 40% of processor usage, even if I\'m not playing/not using the pc (!)

    Is that normal??

    here is my system:
    dedicated Athlon 800mhz
    2 hard drives (14.6 gig/4.41 gig)
    256mb RAM
    M Audio Delta 66
    Windows 98
    Gigastudio 160
    2nd pc for sequencing

    Besides, I would be grateful to get any advice in order to improve the performance of this demanding gigastudio, considering that I deal mainly with orchestral music.

    Thanks to all :-)

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    Re: too much CPU usage??

    > - the memory meter displays that I\'m using about 45% of ram

    Remember that memory usage depends on the number of samples loaded, not instruments.

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    Re: too much CPU usage??

    Thanks Damon!
    I\'ll try it immediately!

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    Re: too much CPU usage??

    Hi Bill,

    What do you mean precisely?

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    Re: too much CPU usage??

    To keep CPU usage down, go to the DSP station and assign your reverb in the aux buss window. Pick one or two that you wish to use on your tracks (I usually end up just using one as a reverb mock-up. I use TC Native reverb for my final mix). Then go to your individual auxes (They have little numbers on them, 1 for aux buss 1, 2 for aux buss 2, etc.) and double click on the number that your reverb is set to and adjust your slider for how much reverb you want to use.
    This will keep your CPU down bigtime instead of just assigning a seperate reverb to each track.
    Hope that helps!

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    Re: too much CPU usage??

    I’ll be lazy, and just quote the NemeSys FAQ:

    Although this is a hard disk sampler, it uses system RAM to keep the latency down to a real time level. This is computer system memory. You do not need to put RAM in your soundcard. That won’t make any difference to the GigaSampler. The length of the sample makes no difference. A 10 second and a 10 minute sample use the same amount of memory. A computer with 128 megs of system RAM can load approximately 1200 mono or 600 stereo samples. The complexity of the instrument determines how much memory it will use up. You could have one instrument use up all 700 samples or have 700 instruments with 1 sample each or any combination in between. If you add more RAM to your computer then you can increase this number. GigaSampler will not limit you. The approximate relationship is.

    32 Megs RAM – 216mono\\108 stereo
    64 Megs RAM – 500 mono\\250 stereo
    128 Megs RAM – 1200 mono\\600 stereo
    256 Megs RAM – 2500 mono\\1250 stereo
    And so on.

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    Re: too much CPU usage??

    Thanks Bill, you have been very helpful!

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