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Topic: anyone wanna try something "different"

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    anyone wanna try something "different"

    I\'ve tried this before without much success, but would anyone be interested in trying to collaborate over the web with GPO, ie, I make a track and send it to you, you make one and send it to me and so on an so forth, I\'m musically retarded so keep it simple...just an idea....I use Sonar.

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    Re: anyone wanna try something "different"

    Hey Dorme, this could be a cool idea. It seems that it would work but I think it would have to be predicated by a long conversation over the phone. You know, goals, style, technical stuff.

    That said, it\'s something that could help to focus me. I like so many types of music that it\'s hard to settle into one thing so that could be good.

    PM me if you want.

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