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Topic: Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

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    Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

    Hi All
    Is there any good tutorials from keyswitching and crossfading? How to do big GIG from combining smaller gigs with key switching?
    There is quite good tutorial in Nemesyssite, but It explains only how to make it from scratch!! Let\'s say that I have 20 GIGs and want to combine them one bigger and trigger them with keyswitches, velocity splits ,mod wheel etc. What\'s the easiest way to make it??? I also have tried to explore crossfading in GSt Editor, but have not
    managed very well! And It\'s so sad you only can combine only two Gigs at the same time. Please Gigaspecialists, just share your wisdom!

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    Re: Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

    Is it possible to merge GIG files and combine
    them with attenuation control: KEYBOARD?
    Are these two combined gigs ready to be
    keyswithced by MIDI keyboard? For example,
    first gig is switched from key C1, second
    from C#1. Is this method working? Can you
    continue to add more gigs this way? Next
    would be D1, then D#1 and so on!
    Is somebody tried this method?

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    Re: Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

    Marco b,
    Can you or someone explain more what you try to do? \"Keyswitching and Crossfading?\" What\'s advantage for doing this? The Giga\'s used for Live or studio? I\'m not good in Giga\'s Sound-Editing but it would be nice to learn more! It seems that you have better idea for the Giga? Why don\'t you share with us what do you find about \"Keyswitching\"? Problems?

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    Re: Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

    Greeting from snowy and cold Winterland...
    by the way. are thereany other Finns in this
    And now to the topic!

    What I am trying to do is utilize GSt\'s
    huge capacity to control samples. I think
    that Keyswitching is one of the best features
    Gigastudio. It\'s easy to make velocity switches and assign samples to modwheel contolling. But how many of us fully take
    advantage of keyswitching? There are many
    good Giga sound libraries utilizing these
    features, but not all of us have enough big
    pocket to get them. I have many Akai CD-ROMS
    converted to GIGS (Prosonus Orchestra, Adv.
    Orchestra,guit. expression etc.)When you convert Akais you get so many little GIG files and you\'re thinking how to merge them?
    About Keyswitching? There is a good and easily undertandable tutorial at www.nemesysmusic/support/tutorials. Tutorial
    explains how to import samples and start
    Instrument Wizard, specifying key dimensions.
    It looks quite easy! But what If I just want
    combine, for example, all little converted
    violin GIGS from Adv. Orch. to bigger file,
    taking advantage of these glorious keyswitches? You want to combine all muted,
    sustain,staccato trumpets in Quantum Leap
    Brass to one big GIG? I\'m continuing to explore all this stuff, and I have to say that I have learned very much editing in Giga
    by this far. So, share your knowledge dear
    Giga fellows!

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    Re: Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

    Here’s the short form:

    A) Get all the instruments into one file. I find it easy to drag and drop onto the Instrument Bank of the target file.

    B) Do whatever editing you want to do, like matching key ranges, etc.

    C) Instruments can then be combined, two at a time, by highlighting both and choosing “Combine Instruments” from the Edit menu (or right click context menu)

    D) In the Combine Instruments dialog, you choose the keyswitching controler you want to use (Mod wheel, keyboard, layer, etc.).

    Hope this helps get you started!

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    Re: Keyswitching and Crossfading ?

    Thanks marco b and Bill.
    I\'ll try to do custom-built GM-DRUM Kits like standard, Jazz, rock, orchs and FX, which are can be used as patched-change (don\'t have to be realtime change).

    Best regards,

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