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Topic: GPO newbie question

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    GPO newbie question

    I just got my copy today, and am having a hard time understanding what the mod wheel does. Actually, I don\'t see what\'s going on with velocity layers either.. I get the impression that a lot of the instruments have 1 or 2 layers... So it appears to me that the mod wheel mainly affects only volume... I\'m wondering if this is how it is, or perhaps I\'ve setup something wrong.
    Thanx in advance, any advice appreciated.

    By the way, GPO is my first step into symphonic libraries, so I may not realize the hardships and subtleties of such libraries. So, please have understanding for that. :-)

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    Re: GPO newbie question

    to add to my prior question, I also cannot find a way to save my own multis. I remember reading a post by someone else about the same problem. Is this a Kontakt bug (or lack of feature)?

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    Re: GPO newbie question

    thanx for the prompt reply.
    To clarify about the mod wheel issue, I\'m wondering if there\'s actually cross fading between samples, or if it\'s more of a filter+amplitude treatment. I do understand, that this is alot to put into just 3 CDs.

    As for a little bit of my setup, I\'m running VSTi mode in Logic 5 on PC. And I don\'t seem to see save multi button. I\'ve saved a GPO setup for Logic, so I think I can get it to load now. But it\'ll be nice if I can save my own multis that I can load directly from within kontakt player. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: GPO newbie question

    Originally posted by kensuguro:
    Anyone have any ideas?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I don\'t use logic, I use Cubase, and when I use GPO as a VSTi plug-in there is a little picture of a floppy disc that allows me to save custom multi\'s. It is at the top, right below the title bar...

    Hope you can find it, if Logic doesn\'t offer this feature, you may want to request it on their forum (if one exists) because that sounds like a pretty big oversight...


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    Re: GPO newbie question

    I think there\'s a problem with saving multis when running the Kontakt player in a standalone mode.
    Try to use it as a VST or DXi plug-in.
    However, I still haven\'t received my GPO, so can\'t help you with your other problems.

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    Re: GPO newbie question

    My advice is that everyone carefully read the manual. I know it\'s nice to just jump in, but the manual will answer most, if not all, of your questions.

    The mod wheel, by the way, is generally used for expression and volume. The timbre of the sample changes along with the volume.

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    Re: GPO newbie question


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