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Topic: Giga + Cubase and Sync???

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    Giga + Cubase and Sync???


    I know this an old question, but I didn\'t found an answer..

    How can I work with Cubase and Giga.
    Giga should be the slave. It seems that I have latency problems (ASIO AND GSIF).

    How to synchronize both?
    I\'ve got two soundcards (SBlive and EEG waveterminal), but it does not help anything, keep running Giga around SBlive and cubase EEG...

    The program GSFIX also did not help.

    Please help me..

    Thanx in advance.

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    Re: Giga + Cubase and Sync???

    Your problem is related to the sound card you have. You need to find a card that supports both the ASIO2 and GSIF standard simultaneously. The hacked SBLIVE drivers may work for ASIO2 but are not GSIF compliant.

    In this regard you are out of luck with the SB Live. Going with a more professional card may afford you more sucess in your endeavour.

    I\'ve got Logic Audio Platinum working with GS160 in a happy combination with the Frontier Design Dakota/Montana card. By extension Cubase has worked as well. You will need at least 256MB or RAM for Cubase to try this and some fast Ultra160 SCSI drives to get the throughput you need. I used two Quantum Atlas 10KII 18.4GB drives which are \'audio/visual\' rated; meaning each drive sports 8MB of onboard SRAM. With this drive subsystem you can drive all 32 channels of audio I/O without disk dropouts!!



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