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Topic: Looping Sordinos?

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    Looping Sordinos?

    Hey - I recently discovered the All Violins Sordinos, and I love the way it sounds. Has anybody out there looped it? I am not sampler-savvy...but could probably take instruction well if necessary...



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    Re: Looping Sordinos?

    Why loop it? Can\'t you use the old sustain pedal trick?

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    Re: Looping Sordinos?

    Sorry - I meant, All Violins Grand Detache Sordinos...

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    Re: Looping Sordinos?

    I love the sound of these as well - as good if not better than the grand detaches (without mutes)

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    Re: Looping Sordinos?

    Suggest it to Gary. He is very receptive for this kind of ideas.


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