I wrote the following to Geniesoft regarding the GPO:

[I have been an avid Overture user since it was an Opcode product.

I will be upgrading Overture in the coming weeks. One thing I would really like added to the program is the ability to so the same thing to the articulations that you can to expressions (double click and edit the effect it has on the controllers/patches). Today\'s orchestra samples are getting so advanced, that it would be nice to just be able to have all the marcatos on a given line be played by the marcato sample rather than entering a seperate program change.

This would have to include ability to double click on tremelos to do the same thing rather than just repeating notes.

In fact you should be able to indicate that ANY object could do this, including hairpins.

Since Overture LE is being included in Garritan Personal Orchestra, I think it would greatly enhance the world of music sequencing.

See www.garritan.com

These would be simple programming fixes, I believe.

A few more on my wish list:
1) Part extraction and reformatting that doesn\'t relocate the beginning and ending of hairpins/articulations.

2) Instrument profiles could include editable variables ie: the above mentioned program changes for each articulation for that particular intrument AND under the different circumstances of pp, p, mp, mf, etc. That would save LOTS of time and would get a realistic playback that takes full advantage of today\'s amazing sample libraries.

3) The ability to assign quick keys for quicker input. Very common for today\'s standards.

4) Rhythmic Humanization so all notes in a don\'t play mechanically at the exact same time. (Noteheads Igor has this, but I don\'t think Sibelius does)

5.) Toggle timecode marker at top. Useful for scoring to know what part you\'re at.

6.) Ability for decimal place tempos. Sometimes we need a tempo of 120.06BPM to get our scores right!

These suggestions would be a dream (Better than Sibelius which I used professionally for Hal Leonard publishing for six straight full-time months). I have always believed Overture could surpass in the sequencing field because of its MIDI controller editing and its chromatic note dragging(Great for those of us who don\'t want to play everything in on keys).

The ultimate goal of this is to start getting people away from graphical editing menus and compose for instruments the best way there is, with NOTATION. Film Scoring People also have to spend SO MUCH time on mock ups, that it would be great if we could just program in OUR idea of what each notation symbol should sound like and have Overture access that sample. It would truly be a dream come true and would not require a herculean amount of programming effort.

If this were acheived, rather than spending endless time in graphical editing windows, one could just compose on the screen and hear an accurate mock-up of what they heard in their mind\'s ear based on their samples. Like just having the piece performed. Of course this would encourage some composers to develop consistent notation methods, which can\'t be a bad thing!

See www.garritan.com to see the 2gig Personal Orchestra that comes with Overture. The time is right for these updates because these things are selling really fast and word of mouth will get around.

Jesse Hopkins]