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Topic: GPO available in UK when ?

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    GPO available in UK when ?

    Hi Gary,

    When will GPO be available in UK ?
    Time & Space have product details ... but not dates or pricing.


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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    Hi Andy,

    We are now taking pre-orders for GPO at Time+Space, the price will be £179 inc VAT.


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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    mmmm.. nice one Adrian,

    I feel a credit card bashing coming on.

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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    Well it is almost Christmas after all....

    Now you\'ll have something to do when everyone falls asleep!!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    Oh Adrian,

    Why can\'t we have parity pricing with the United States. Why do we in the UK have to fork out more.

    Doug and East / West have managed to impose parity pricing on Arbiter for Quantumn Leap Symphony Orchestra.

    And I think you\'ve done the same for VSL (I ordered VSL solo strings from Time+Space yesterday through Digital Village, Cambridge yesterday)

    Is it your decision or the developers decision to decide to make it more expensive. If it can be done for EWQL SO and VSL, why not for GPO ?

    (I know its only £20 ... but still)

    (At least you\'re not selling at the same dollar price. i.e. $245 = £245, which does seem to be a prevelant pricing policy in certain areas of the software and music market.)

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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    Andy, yea, take a look at bestservice at the moment... GPO 249 Euro... QLSO 2995 Euro.. This sucks. Glad to get QLSO for 2795 Euro a couple of weeks ago which even is too high after all.

    2995 US Dollar = 2506.91 Euro right now. I just hate that.


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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?


    The original price in the Time and Space catalogue was £156, a fair price in relation to the USA price of $249. When I went to order, however, they simply said the price has gone up!! no explanation, no apologies, nothing. What they mean is that their price has gone up, not the supplier’s price. They are entitled to make as much money as they can, and they do. They have always taken the dollar price and added the shipping price they know individual importers have to pay and come up with a figure which makes it almost worthwhile buying in the UK.

    This time I\'d had enough so I decided to order direct from Gary. It\'ll actually cost me a little more, assuming I have to pay import duty, but it\'s worth it to me as I\'m sick of these artists in the UK working their business magic. I\'d sooner the extra cash, that it\'s costing me, went to the creator of the software. If you wait you\'ll be able to get it cheaper from the US dealers as they operate a true competitive market there.

    It\'s a shame, really, as T & S have developed into a very professional company over the years and I have watched them grow from their early beginnings when they exhibited at the music shows in the 80\'s. Now, unfortunately for British musicians, they have virtually become a monopoly in the UK and can therefore charge what they like......Oh yes, and they do!

    To renege on the price (equivalent, for once, to the USA one) which they published in their catalogue only a few weeks earlier is...let\'s say, despicable.

    It seems that none of the British businessmen have any regard for the fact that not only do they charge higher prices, than in the USA, but our average salary is also less in the UK.

    A final point is that this price increase is also going against the £/$ exchange rate which has been rising in our favour over the period since publication of their catalogue and is now 1.7GBP to $1.

    You’re not the only one to notice the T & S price antics; they are earning themselves a bad name on various Internet groups.

    I hope this helps,


    PS I\'ve just noticed what Adrian Clarida said, \"Well it is almost Christmas after all....\". I suspect they are talking about themselves....a little cynical! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    Hi Guy\'s,

    JFYI as a distributor we NEVER set our RRP on products. The developer will give us thier RRP and we then have to convert it to £ from their own currnecy.
    If the exchange rate changes and the product ends up costing us much more then we just have to absorb that change, thats just the nature of Importing products. We also have to pay for all the shipping in and out , as well as the Marketing and Advertising of each product within that set price.
    The only time our prices will go up is if there has been an introductory offer and then the developer has increased the rrp afterwards.

    More often than not our price will go down and NOT up.
    If the RRP of GPO changes in the future then i\'m certain ours will aswell.

    Garry has done an outstanding job of GPO and I\'m certian everyone who buy\'s a copy will be more than happy with the result, especially at the Introductory price he is currently offering from direct sales at his own website.

    I can only apologise for any inconvinece this may have caused anyone, but as I said we do not set our prices they are set for us by the developers.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?


    But why has the price gone up ? As Hardy points out the price in your catalogue is £156 ... and this is the price I have been expecting to pay for the last two months. So why have you decided up the price ?

    And with exchange rates with US going UP to 1.7, then the price should be coming down. Surely. It should be about £146 on this basis. If the price should be £146, you\'re taking £30 more than you should.

    EWQL SO will be roughly £176 if exchange rates stay roughly the same.

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    Re: GPO available in UK when ?

    One other thought.
    In the US, GPO costs 25% of EWQL SO GOLD ($249 vs $995).

    In the UK, GPO will be 30% oF EWQL SO GOLD (£176 vs £585) assuming exchange rate of 1.7.

    ie the price gap is shrinking in EWQL\'s favour and hence GOLD becomes a more attractive option.

    To retain the competitive price gap, GPO needs to be selling for £146 in the UK.

    YAWN, YAWN ... sorry, I\'m almost boring myself here too ;-)

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