This is just my PERSONAL take on things (and I really don\'t know all that much!) First of all, this will be my first foray into composing/scoring. I wouldn\'t have decided to try if not for the GPO announcement. Shortly after EWQL announced the silver edition, no demos-rumored to be a kneejerk reaction to what Gary is doing. Now VSL has released the Opus1 with 1 demo. My big problems with Opus 1 (besides costing nearly 4 times as much) is that it\'s still running on Giga and I don\'t like Giga. I imagine it\'ll be pretty nice to just fire up a small kompakt interface and go, and not have to wait for giga to fire up, load articulations, AND then have to fire up Sonar...Thank you Gary I\'m anxiously awaiting my GPO!