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Topic: Version of Kontakt with GPO

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    Version of Kontakt with GPO

    What version of Kontakt will come with GPO?
    If I already have Kompakt, will I have to use both applications to access the different libraries? Can I use the version of Kontakt that comes with GPO on Mac OS 9 with direct connect? So many questions, so little time.

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    Re: Version of Kontakt with GPO

    Pat- I don\'t think that Kontakt or Kompakt will run on RTAS in Mac OS 9 - only direct connect.
    I guess I am more concerned about whether the GPO Kontakt will be able to load the Kompakt library, so I don\'t need to have both Kontakt and Kompakt open.


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    Re: Version of Kontakt with GPO

    I believe the GPO Kontakt Player will be based on Kontakt 1.5. It will run on Mac OS 9.2 or higher and is compatible with VST 2.0, ASIO, RTAS, Core Audio, SoundManager, OMS, and AudioUnits. I\'m not a Mac user (a thousand apologies), but my understanding is that DirectConnect is a TDM/RTAS plug-in, so there\'s hope. Gary, Tom or Trond should have a better answer for you.


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    Re: Version of Kontakt with GPO

    The GPO instruments are embedded within the Kontakt Player, which cannot load any other library. If you want a single application for GPO and the Kompakt libraries, you\'ll probably have to get Kontakt 1.5. Double-check with Gary (go to www.personalorchestra.com) and the folks at Native Instruments.


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