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Topic: Whats your computers configuration /resistance is futal contiued

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    Whats your computers configuration /resistance is futal contiued

    Just wanted to say that I found that last thread very imformative .
    I have a pentium 3 450 and have been planning on upgrading to a 800 or 1 gig and was under the understanding from what I was told from Nemesys ,that giga studio would function completely with a full 160 note of polyphony and no pops on a computer of that speed with a seperate fast hard drive.
    I guess Northern sounds don\'t want us to be to informed because they shot it dead.
    Im guessing it has something to do with the fact that 95 percent of the people that listed there computer configuration and performance were getting results less than what Nemesys have stated .

    I had a thread simular to this a year ago that ask northernsound users how many of them are using giga sampler and a sequencer on there computer .
    And among those people how many have a system that works correctly.
    And to please list you system configuation working correctly or not.
    Papa chaulk removed it saying that the answers to the thread might give people a unrealistic view of giga sampler because most people that visit this forum are people that are having problems .
    I totally understand removing threads of users when they use offensive language and are rude and obnoxious.
    But to remove a thread is factual and relevant to giga users just because they don\'t like the results .
    I think you guys at Northern sounds need to seriously look at your sensorship policy.
    Don\'t be afraid of the truth.

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    Re: Whats your computers configuration /resistance is futal contiued

    Kenn, I think the thread you\'re referring to is just on a different forum:

    (I\'m assuming you mean the thread started by Jerry Kahn which asks everyone to supply their system details along with general performance results)

    It\'s still up with about 30 responses.

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    Re: Whats your computers configuration /resistance is futal contiued

    There was talk at the end of the thread that they were going to cut it .
    Plus when I went to the sound cards catagory and the software catagory the post was not there .
    All I can figure is they relisted it ,maybe after reading my post.
    In any case ,glad to see its still there.

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