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Topic: Recording into Giga

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    Recording into Giga

    I have to admit that I bought Gigasampler for it\'s ability to play back all of the great sounding huge samples, and never really thought that I would use it as a sampler. But now I want to use it as a sampler and am absolutly flaberghasted (sp) at the fact that Gigastudio won\'t allow me to run an analog instrument, mic or anything else into my Delta 1010 sound card and record it! I mean isn\'t this supposed to be a sampler? I always thought that meant that it would record a sound and then you could turn that sound into an instrument that could be played on a Keyboard. Anyway, I guess my question is ;

    Can you record an analog sound into Gigasampler and create an instrument or do you have to have cubase or another recoring program record the sound and then save it as a .wav file and inport it into Gigastudio?


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    Re: Recording into Giga

    You HAVE to use any other programme to create .wav files.

    Coole Edit and Wavelab are both quite popular and allow you to specify loop points.

    I was surprised too, but I still use the old 770 for a bit of sampling. I\'ll probably switch to Wavelab when the PC is more settled into the studio.

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