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Topic: Band in a box corrupting samples

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    Band in a box corrupting samples

    I need help setting up Band in a box 10 to play Mirislav & Osamples. It seems to have transposed them, as well as stretched them beyond their lower range, thus cutting off the higher notes. Also, it will only call up the AO tuba, but not the Trump, F Horn Tromb, or Clarinet. Samples are corrupted when i play them in Cubase. The samples also do not release when the key is lifted. The pitches are also not stable.

    I had sent transpose messages from BIB, as well as given the samples General Midi numbers on bank 0. Under properties in Gigastudio, the only changes made were: I assigned X fades to bank2 and Key-E files to bank1 with the same GM numbers. I increased output to 6db and pitch bend to 4 semi-tones. Changing these back does not restore the samples characteristics.

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    Re: Band in a box corrupting samples

    Just a suggestion to keep you from pulling your hair out.
    Setup the Giga sounds you want to use as a performance and save it.
    Tell Band in a Box NOT to send Any patch changes. Just select the appropriate channels etc.
    You can probably get Band in a Box to send the right changes, but it will take way more time than it\'s worth.


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    Re: Band in a box corrupting samples

    set transpose in Bandbox to none

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