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Topic: Progress on EXS version?

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    Progress on EXS version?

    I have been searching and read the posts from this spring/summer about EXS conversions and the development of a n EXS version of the string library.

    I wanted to know how the EXS version is coming along? I am, like most, very impressed by the sounds in this library but am concerned by the loss of features from doing a conversion myself.

    There was also a question that was never fully answered. maybe someone can give an opinion... It was about the CDExtract and Chicken Systems converter programs and their success in converting all the little details of this library. Does any one of them do a 99% correct job of converting. Attack and release times are not really important since I generally tweak those to suit the track but features like the ModWeel switching, and other special features are interesting.

    I am itching for these strings... please reasure me.

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    Re: Progress on EXS version?


    I don\'t have the answer for you, but thought I\'d share what I\'ve learned as an EXS user.

    As you know from reading the other threads, The giga conversions don\'t translate everything correctly. Specifically sounds that switch samples via the modwheel, and release triggers. I can\'t comment on chicken systems, but I do own and use CDXtract.

    I just today discovered something interesting. I just bought Tim Smiths Westgate Woodwinds, in giga format. I decided to use CDXtract and then compare it\'s conversion to the EXS converter. What I discovered is that Logic\'s conversion makes setting up the mod wheel patches a TON easier than what CDXtract gave me.

    In a nutshell, CDXtract puts all the samples onto the same group, so one would have to make parameter adjustments to EVERY sample in the sound. Whereas the EXS converter puts the modwheel samples onto seperate groups, which makes setting up the mod wheel function a breeze.

    I agree that having all the programming done for you is the best way to go, but in the case of the Garritan Library, as well as the Westgate Woodwinds, it\'s quite easy to make the adjustments to the parameters for it all to work properly.

    The only real problem with the Garritan library is the vast amount of instruments! I found it was easier to do the ones I knew I would use the most, and then make the adjustments to any others as I started to use them.

    On the negative side of the EXS conversion, the samples from Westgate played back roughly 5 db softer than the CDXtract ones. Again, a very easy fix though.

    I guess I\'m saying if you can\'t wait for the EXS version of Garritan, doing the conversion through the EXS, along with a bit of parameter tweaking, will get you pretty much there.

    By the way, the key switching programs translate 100% using both CDXtract and EXS conversion.

    Also, in one of my posts from last June (I think), I spelled out how to do the mod wheel fixes in the EXS, and Tom Hopkins from Garritan jumped in to help fine tune it all. If you can\'t find the link, feel free to PM me. I\'d be happy to help.

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    Re: Progress on EXS version?

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I read on the Chicken website that at least release triggers would convert using their software.

    I have had a pretty low opinion of the internal EXS24 convertion tool. Using it on AKAI Cds have never ever resulted in a perfect conversion. Even wors is that Different CDs have given different problems. My Peter S library converted without any sort of release time on any instrument. Another CD did not set the samples up in stereo. And so on... Good to know that the internal conversion would acctually work pretty good on this library.

    I would really like to know how far away a real EXS version is. I don\'t want to shell out lots of money only to have an EXS version released a week later while I am still converting from Giga.

    I am sure that generally a GIga to EXS conversion would work just fine, I just wanted to avoid a big \"DOH!!\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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