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Topic: Logic Audio Platinum 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36 Sampling into Sequencer

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    Logic Audio Platinum 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36 Sampling into Sequencer

    Hi Guys,

    It all works!!! Sampling from GS160 into LAWP. No break up, with a clean signal. I\'ve reproduced our chat on the Emagic support site below.

    Our system:
    Motherboard: Intel Seattle 440-BX2 Bios
    revision 17
    CPU Intel PIII 450Mhz
    RAM 128MB Cas2 quality
    SoundCard Frontier Designs Dakota & Montana Driver Version 2.08
    SoundCard Yamaha
    DS2416 Driver Version 1.33b
    Hardisk Western Digital 9.2 GB SCSI Ultra160 (8MB on board cache)
    Hardisk Quantum 18.4 GB SCSI Ultra160 (8MB on board cache)
    Midi interface Frontier Designs Sierra 8X8 (plugged into Dakota card)
    ADAT 3 Alesis DATs lightpiped to Dakota & Montana card
    AD/DA converters 4 Tango 24 lightpiped to Dakota card
    OS Win98 with all critical updates and updated drivers


    GigaStudio 160 v2.01.36
    Logic Audio Platinum v4.6.1
    Cubase VST/32 5.03PB3
    Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.03

    IE 5.5SP1
    Windows Media Player 7 v1958
    DirectX 6.1
    Realplayer 7

    Author Comment
    Registered User
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    (2/13/01 9:46:24 am)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Hi Dave + Ted,

    Well we\'ve loaded both programs above onto one machine.

    Our results so far:

    LAWP 4.6.1 runs solo and stable without crashing.

    GigaStudio 160 runs solo and stable without crashing.
    Running it conservatively with 64 voice polyphony.

    Running LAWP 4.6.1. and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36 side by side:

    Both programs will open without significant stability issues, ie. no crashes causing a restart, no BSOD(blue screen of death), no obvious ***.exe errors, no memory dumps.

    We have been able to route in a signal to LAWP, but so far no joy on routing out a signal. We\'ll keep at it; and try some other patching possibilities which we haven\'t exhausted yet.



    posts: 1537
    (2/13/01 4:53:30 pm)
    Re: LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Are you using a GSIF driver...or two cards?

    Registered User
    posts: 107
    (2/13/01 4:59:25 pm)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    We are currently using the Frontier Designs Dakota/Montana card. Driver v2.08 which is ASIO2 compliant and GSIF compatible.


    Hans & Rob

    Marpole Studios

    Ted Perlman
    posts: 284
    (2/14/01 11:04:45 pm)
    Re: LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    I talked to Dave at Nemesys and this is what he said:

    \"If you run Giga and Logic on the same machine, you have to give up the audio capability of Logic. \"

    After I crashed 3 machines, I realized he was telling the truth. The only way I will install the copy of GigaStudio 160 I have in the closet is when I have a second machine dedicated solely to it. But The EXS will stream directly from the hardrive soon, so why even bother with Giga?

    Registered User
    posts: 110
    (2/15/01 1:19:44 am)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Hi Ted,

    Everybody sometimes needs a challenge. At any rate we have done a little further tweaking. We were able to record into LAW. We then converted it to a .wav file. On playback, in Windows Media Player, the sound crackled like an old LP record, but the sound was still there. We have a few more tweaks left, eg setting the the priority on the msgr32.exe file from
    \"realtime\" to \"high\" while GS160 and LAW4.6.1 are open.
    Apparently, this will allow the two programs to speak to each other happily without breaking up. Word has it that this is the fix that Nenad Siskov discovered and is available with his GSFix.exe program.

    Why do people climb mountains? Because they exist.

    Notably, the EXS isn\'t available for prime time, unless you happen to be a beta tester.

    Evidently, there is some money to be had for sampler software. Why else would Cubase be gearing up its Halion sampler and Emagic the EXS24. It is obvious that the competition would like to convert the GS userbase to a proprietary product. At the end of the day, the users should win while the \"sampler war\" heats up.

    Lastly, as a consumer of software products, I find it really annoying to leave my software in the \'back of the closet\' after I\'ve shelled out several hundred dollars for the product.



    Ted Perlman
    posts: 286
    (2/15/01 3:56:40 am)
    Re: LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    <I find it really annoying to leave my software in the \'back of the closet\' after I\'ve shelled out several hundred dollars for the product>

    Wel, I am lucky enough to have companies send me their software to use without any charge. If I had actually bought Giga, I would have been really pissed that I couldn\'t use it. And I really would be mad about that copy of Reaktor I just uninstalled. I couldn\'t figure that one out at all............

    Registered User
    posts: 112
    (2/15/01 5:19:16 am)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Any way to get me on that list of preferred software analysts; since I spend some time dispensing advice to the \"computerese challenged\" musicians.



    Ted Perlman
    posts: 287
    (2/15/01 11:27:01 am)
    Re: LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    You certainly spend more than just a \"little\" time dispensing help. You\'re a fantastic source of info here and I want you to know how much you spending your valuable free time is appreciated. I\'ll see what I can do. Dave might be able to help, also. You definitely should be on anybody\'s \"A\" list.

    New Member
    posts: 2
    (2/15/01 1:12:02 pm)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Hi Guys,

    I have managed to get both to work without clicks and pops using one PC and one Audio card. So I thought I would share some insight. Here is my setup:

    Same revision of LAWP and GigaStudio160
    Ego-Sys Waveterminal 2496 (PCAV EASI)2.4
    Lowly Celemine II 566@850 (1Gig P3 soon)
    MSI BXMaster MB
    384Meg Crucial Cas2 PC133
    IBM 45gig HD\'s
    Asus GeForce2 32Meg
    Yamaha SW1000XG
    SBLive w/APS ASIO drivers
    Ego-Sys 4140 Miditerminal direct to Waveterminal
    AMT-8 (serial)
    System Commander 2000 quadruple boot configuration.

    For testing I use a professionally recorded midi file of Rachmaninov\'s Prelude, Op.3, No.2 in c-sharp which is full of dynamics, polyphony and lots of foot pedal action.

    Once I figured out the quirks of the Waveterminal Control Panel, along with the Taskinfo2000 utility for watching the dynamics of things in real-time, I was able to get both apps working in harmony.

    I still believe it is necessary to have separate PC\'s. Even with a 1Gig P3 I\'m not expecting to gain enough performance headroom to make it worthwhile.

    But it works...barely! i.e Gigapiano only...No Fx

    GigaStudio160 uses Wavterminal outputs 3-4(GSIF).

    Logic uses Waveterminal outputs 1-2 (EASI).

    So...Digital out to Digital in...GigaStudio uses the digital out...Logic records the digital in and uses wave outs 1-2 for playback all in real-time.

    That\'s it in a nutshell.



    Registered User
    posts: 114
    (2/15/01 4:43:42 pm)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Well done Gary. We have also had success using the PCAV driver. The significant challenge however, is to tweak the OS into giving good results using the low latency ASIO2/GSIF driver. In this regard, we are very close to getting to state of the art \"Recording Studio Heaven\". Even if Rob and myself don\'t punch through first on this challenge, it is fun nonetheless.



    Registered User
    posts: 119
    (2/16/01 5:54:22 am)
    LAWP 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36
    Well we\'ve got it all!!!! We have successfully recorded into LAWP from GigaStudio. We have both record and playback flawlessly. It took some routing tricks, but we have successfully recorded with the ASIO2/GSIF driver 2.08 on the Frontier Design Dakota Montana card. We have also imported, exported, and converted to .wav files the files we recorded from GigaStudio. Welcome to \"Recording Studio Heaven\" all on your PC!!!!



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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36 Sampling into Sequencer

    Hey Hancor - good job!

    Some of us would be very interested to know what you\'re realistically able to achieve from your all in one system in terms of simultaneous:

    1. Polyphony from Gigastudio (average size sounds)

    2. Audio tracks in LAWP

    3. VST/ASIO plugins (esp. Pro5, B4 etc)

    4. Midi activity (number tracks/ports, how dense the traffic is)

    5. Reliability

    Good luck with your mountain climbing

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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36 Sampling into Sequencer

    I will try to get some more results and crank up the polyphony from our conservative 64 at present.

    We are also going to patch the output from GS160 to our Avalon pre-amp and then route it through to LAWP. Handy to have those 32 channels of audio I/O with the 4 Tango24 converters!!

    Have\'nt had a chance to really put the system through it\'s paces but we have good go at it in the next week when we free up some time.



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    Re: Logic Audio Platinum 4.6.1 and GigaStudio160 v2.01.36 Sampling into Sequencer

    I run a P111 450 mGz, with 128 mgs of RAM. I bought the computer on the 4th of July in 1998 from Comp USA. I run windows 98 first edition, version 4.1 something. Anyway, I run Logic audio 4.6 with Gigastudio 2.01 AND Pro Tools LE at the same time on the same machine, and it runs flawlessy. I use the Digi 001 card with PT, and the Delta 66 with GigaStudio. I\'ve had about 12 audio tracks in PT, 6-8 sequences in Logic, and multiple instruments (some are 200 plus meg Gigs from XP-80 sounds I sampled) in GS. I do monitor GS outboard, and not with aux inputs in PT. I also like to only work with audio at mixdown, so I do dump (6 tracks at a time)all sequences into PT. I have not tried to max the system out at all either. Also in PT, I\'ll have FX running, and some bussing stuff going on. Did I mention that my buffer size is at 256?? Every once in a while, the system would shutdown randomly, but it has also done this while browsing the internet with nothing else running. I recently formatted my one 5400 rpm 6 gig drive and renstalled everything from scratch. (I don\'t use my recovery CD) I haven\'t had the shutdown problem since. I also recently purchased 256 more megs of ramm, so now i\'m at 320. The system runns so good, and recently I have been getting into Logic more and use my 001 with direct IO, and then use the delta with GS. Flawlessly. And if I\'m using a lot of audio editing for bad performers playing with flawless seuences, Por Tools runs flawlessly as well. Good luck to all you!!

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