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Topic: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

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    I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    I found a great fix for the Msgsrv32 boot error!If the details of your error says something like msgsrv32 caused a fault in devcon32.dll then I have your fix!
    I am up and running with a brand new sb live mp3 and giga appears to work perfectly.It took me awhile to figure it out,but I was determined that I was going to run giga on my computer!If only a few people need it,I will mail it to you.If this posts gets a big response,then I will put it up on a web page.

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    Just thought maybe you should send the result to Nemesys. This post could vanish and leave some people never knowing that you\'ve solved their problem.

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    That is a good idea.I think nemysys blames the problem on creative and creative blames the problem on nemysys.I will mail nemysys and tell them about the fix.It seems that a lot of people are having this problem with the newer sb lives.I bet there are a BUNCH of people that have returned giga because of this problem.
    We need giga to get in as many hands as possible so that sounds will continue to be made for the platform.It would be in my best interest to let them know what i found out.

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    It would maybe also be nice if you posted your findings here, in the forum for other users to read?

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error


    I agree, it might be good to post it here also. A number of people visit this forum, as well as the NemeSys people.

    We are looking into the problem you have posted. The issues seems to be with new versions of the Creative hardware/drivers and particular systems. A number of customers are using this hardware with no problems. But there also folks, like yourself, that are having the msgsrv32 boot problem. We have begun installing a new SB Platiunum 5.1 in a number of machines trying to recreate it - no
    luck yet.

    If in your post you could state your system configuration - maybe we can narrow the problem down. It also allows other to add to this thread to let us know if your fixed worked for them.

    Thanks for your help.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    Hi guys:

    I also have the msgsrv32 boot problem, with a small difference: I have not an SB Live (I had it before, and I really tried to erase any trace that the Soundblaster card left in my computer which was enormeous. The register was full of rubbish even after I unistalled the SB with the wizard. So what\'s up? I have a Mixtreme sound card and an Audiowerk card, and I have the msgsrv32 boot problem with Windows ME, and I have to reboot two or three times a day and look for the set-up of an earlier date.

    What I am trying to say is that maybe the problem it is not with the SB, but with GigaStudio...

    I will say also one more time the other nasty problem -in case someone at Nemesys would read this-, which is the tremolo-vibrato that come up very often in the sequencing with Logic (all the trackas at once vibrate!) or playing straight with the keyboard. Suddenly, the vibrato. I tried GS in two different computers, one dedicated only to GS, and the same thing is happening.

    Any help out there?



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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error


    Nemesys know about the vibrato problem and are definitely working on it.

    When they first heard, they couldn\'t reproduce it, but recently King Idiot posted a very clear desciption of how to make it happen every time, which Nemesys are investigating right now.

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    I have a AMD Duron 800 on a MSI K7T Pro mobo,which is via kt133 based.I have 320 mb ram with one 256dimm and one 64mb dimm.I have an old s3 video card with 2mb ram.I am running two 7200 rpm ultra dma eide hard drives,one an ibm deskstar and the other a maxtor.I also have an Acer 8*4*32 cdrw.All versions of giga I have tried work if you do not install sblive 5.1.With sblive installed,you get the boot error.I tried all kinds of tricks and yes,I did remove and reinstall both sblive and giga several times.
    Here is the fix.It is not perfect however.I found out today that the fix makes your liveware mixer not function.Thats ok for me since I can still use the mixer you launch from the little speaker icon down in the taskbar and it allows me to do everthing I need to do.
    What you need to do is to go to http://home.kc.rr.com/macjohn/DEVCON32.DLL
    and download version 4.06.642 of devcon32.dll
    Then go into the control panel/system/device manager/sound,video and game controllers and then disable sblive.Do not remove it,just disable it.Then go into your windows directory then system and find devcon32.dll.
    If you are getting the boot error then you probably have version 4.06.650.Move it out of your windows directory and put it somewhere else for safekeeping and replace it with the 4.06.642 that you downloaded.You may have to change the file attributes from read only to archive in order to move them but I am not sure about that.Go back and enable your sblive and then reboot.
    Now you should be able to install and run most versions of giga and it seems to run great.The only problem I have found is the problem it creates with the liveware mixer which you don\'t have to have anyway since you have the other mixer to use.If you don\'t see the other mixer,go to control panel/multimedia/and down at the bottom of the audio tab click on \"show volume control in taskbar\"
    Hope this helps.
    For others that are getting the error without the sblive,look at the details of the error message when it pops up.If it says
    msgsrv32 caused a fault in (usually a driver) then get on the net and do a search for different versions of that driver.The best way to search is to use gozilla or something like that.Also,find the driver that the fault is caused in and look at the properties.It will usually tell you the company that made it.If creative made it,for instance,and you have removed your sblive and are using a different sound card,then move the driver to another folder.This technique can work for other cards as well,not just sound cards.
    Take care everyone and happy songwriting to all.

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error

    I just checked my devcon32.dll version. it is My system runs fine. I have also had the msgsrv error with both WME and W98. I reinstalled OS and pgms from scratch, but did not update IE to either 5.01 or 5.5. It seems that this update may put be the culprit that updates devcon32.dll and other key system files. Hope this info is of use to others!

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    Re: I have a fix for the sb live msgsrv32 boot error


    Thank you for the post. We (Nemesys) have also been able to recreate the problem on
    this end. It looks, at least from our observation, that this particular msgsrv32 crash is specific to Creative SB Live Platinum and the GigaSampler. I was not able to recreate the problem with the GigaStudio - has anybody else been able to recreate the msgsrv32 crash with a SB Live Platinum and GigaStudio?

    Anyways, after hooking the debugger up to the system it is definitely crashing in the devcon32.dll. This is a Creative driver that ships with their hardware. I too was able to make the problem go away by following your
    suggestions. But like you observed, some of the Creative software stopped working.

    At this point, we can try and make contact with Creative and hope that will be responsive.

    If anyone finds any more data that might help narrow down the problem, please post to this thread.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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