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Topic: First Piece USing SOS Light

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    First Piece USing SOS Light

    My apologies if this is the wrong forum.

    I\'d like some brutal commentary on this composition, especially in regards to the string and piano parts. Mix, pan, eq, etc.

    The song is called Broken Rule.



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    Re: First Piece USing SOS Light

    Hi Phyl,

    Nice composition, but the sounds don`t gel very well for me (though I am listening on my laptop at the moment!). The piano sounds too heavy handed and up front, and the strings sound very synthy (I know it`s GOS lite), so I think you have work to do to make the strings sound more convincing.

    For this type of piano, you need one that has the PP or PPP layers recorded or at least a more distant sound (maybe more reverb and reducing the level may help, but I think you need a new piano library). The Post Steinway D or Bardstown Bosendorfer would both work well I think.

    The guitar sounds really nice on my laptop, no problems there. I hope these comments are useful.


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    Re: First Piece USing SOS Light


    Very helpful comments - thanks so much.

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    Re: First Piece USing SOS Light

    First, I like the piece overall; its mood strikes me as nicely plaintive, and I always appreciate that. Second, the strings sound rather synth-ish to me. Perhaps a bit of reverb would help this? I haven\'t used the GOS libraries (yet), so I\'m afraid I\'m quite ignorant when it comes to making them sound more realistic.

    An arguably more useful comment is that I think the piano will be wonderful if you can put it more off in the distance. The guitar is nicely present in the foreground, and if you can move the piano more into the background, give it a bit of reverb, perhaps even a delay (depending upon how much its de-emphasized) might be nice. Were it up to me, I\'d probably also drop off the piano lows and mids a bit to make it sound more \"icy\" (if that makes any sense).

    Whatever the case, though, I like the piece.

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