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Topic: First Piece using GOS

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    First Piece using GOS

    Hello NS folks,
    This is to be the third track (tentatively) on my next CD. It is a short piece at just over 4 minutes long. All the strings are KI patches and some viola short bows imported into EXS. I had to reprogram them to react as EXP patches again.
    So, as a rundown...
    Imported into EXS:
    KI Patches, Violas Short bows var alt, trem strings (all strings GOS), SAM Horns, AO Harp, GTown Bass Drum and bongos.
    Gigastudio: SAM Trombones, VOTA
    NS5R:airy voice patch
    JV1010: Chime tree and shak flute.



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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    I think it´s a beautiful and inspiring theme. There´s only one thing I don´t love and it isn´t a composition fault. I don´t like the airy patch that enters at 1:13. To my ears it sounds uh...\"cheap\" for lack of a better word.

    The rest sounds great. It really touches you at the tutti and the entering women choir \"a la\" Morricone/The mission. (I don´t mean you´re copying, just that it´s the same kind of choir. I could have named several other scores with the same style)

    Great track.

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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    That \'airy\' patch is a synth sound and thats because thats my style. I am not going for full acoustic mocup, but a blend. Kitaro is one of my influences and I think that is an example of that. I can see where you are coming from however and it is hard to judge that sound without knowing my other work. Although if everyone hates it then I will go back and continue to play around with it.


    Keep the comments coming.

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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    hey Chris, Nice theme. Good production. Great crescendo near the end. I felt you could play around a bit more with the dynamics of your strings in the first minute or so. Since the piece ends big you could afford to build more gradually at the top until you reach that first mini-crescendo. From there on in I liked the progression.

    Good work


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    Re: First Piece using GOS


    Good work!

    Hope you don\'t mind if this makes it to the GOS site.



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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    I am taking your suggestion and programing more expression into the earlier strings Christian. I will post once the new version is done.
    Gary...wait till I post again.

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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    Hey there Chris,

    Nice stuff. I really enjoyed it. Look forward to the \'improved\' version.

    Chris 2!

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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    Ok, click here again -->

    I am happiest with this version. Enjoy!

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    Re: First Piece using GOS

    Very nice Chris. I can hear the Kitaro influence and it also reminds me a little of Vangelis. The cres at 3:10 is very effective. I like this one.

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