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Topic: Next Update suggestion

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    Next Update suggestion

    I would love to have a looped version of 1st Violins Long Bow EXP LEG. The Grand sustain has way too much vibrato for some passages. This also goes for 2nd violins as well. My temporary solution when I have a long sustained note is to use the lite looped versions which works, but you only get 2 layers instead of 4. The other solution I guess would be to have two tracks set up and have the violins overlap.


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    Re: Next Update suggestion

    To update to my own thread...
    KI, I am getting to like the patches you made to compliment a larger pallet of sounds. The KI patches seem to work quote well for doing the bulk of the sustain parts and the slightly heavey vibrato on the 1st violins. I was complaining about that, but I realized that once you start layering string parts without all that random vib that it tends to get \'synthy\'. Of course many of you are far more advanced with this library, but I have only had it for a couple of weeks and I am coming from using the Roland strings for a long time.

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