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Topic: EXP Instruments, etc. in Kontakt

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    Re: EXP Instruments, etc. in Kontakt

    Can you point us to at least one EXP inst that is showing this? (SO we don\'t have to gues or hunt.)

    We skillfully made custom velocity curves in Kontakt to mimic the Giga curves exactly (love Kontakt for that), but it was too much of a good thing. We\'ve cut down on the master stetings and that will be in the next update, perhaps Monday.

    The Garritan stuff is up for review next starting Sunday, so I\'ll take a look at it.

    Two things: you can easily retranslate any .gig files and it goes really fast, since the samples are not read and rewritten. Also, the present Garritan Edition does not recognize some of the new update Garritan stuff and revised files - that will be addressed in the update as well.

    You can go to www.chickensys.com/translator/gos for the latest info (yeah, we\'ll update the page on Sunday...)

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    Re: EXP Instruments, etc. in Kontakt

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply!

    Well, I have only converted the 1st Violin patches since Translator won\'t let me proceed till after several minutes. Thus, the patches that I am referring to are all the EXP patches. For some reason, I think it\'s the velocity sensitivity that is being affected. Or something. All I know is that, with the converted Kontakt patches, I have to strike the keys really hard in order to make up an audible swell. I don\'t have this problem with the Giga version.

    Again, many thanks!


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    Re: EXP Instruments, etc. in Kontakt

    In the EXP patches the volume is controlled by the mod wheel. I believe velocity is disabled; Gary recommends a velocity setting of 100 for all notes.

    Jeannot Welter.

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    EXP Instruments, etc. in Kontakt

    I am having a hard time importing GOS Lite into Kontakt. Firstly, importing direct from Kontakt 1.2.1 ends up in error. I have found Translator Garritan Edition, and although it is able to convert all the patches, the settings are changed: attack becomes too slow and release becomes too long and the EXP instruments are so soft I have to pound the keyboard just to hear a something. Of course I could tweak each patch in Kontakt to my preferences, but before I involve myself in such a lengthly anguish (as I am not familiar with it that well yet):

    1. Is there a GOS Lite update for use with Kontakt (just like SAM Horns)?

    2. If none, how do I edit the Kontakt patches so that they will have more or less the same settings as the original Giga version?

    3. Is there a way of doing this with Translator Garritan Edition?

    If anybody have answers to these questions I would really be grateful. Thank you!


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    Re: EXP Instruments, etc. in Kontakt

    Thanks, Jeannot! I tried looking for that but I still cannot figure it out.

    Anyway, how\'s the update coming? I checked out the Translator site but there are still no updates. However, I noticed that from the GOS site, the translator is dated 2003 while the one from Chicken System is dated 2003. It still says version 2.9, build 9 though so it\'s quite confusing.

    I hope the new update will be posted soon. At any rate, I thank Chicken System for coming out with the translator.


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