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Topic: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

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    GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    I have VSL , GOS, and SI. The VSL perf. legato stuff definately makes a big difference in realistic phrasing. However, I like the tone of the GOS grand detache samples better than VSL for out front melodic writing. Thus far I end up layering the two to get the phrasing right.

    If you play the individual VSL violin samples, there are just simple little pickups into each note. For example, if you play a C to a G, as you hit the G, it triggers a specific sample of a G played from a C. The VSL legato tool manages all this. The interesting thing is that the little pickups into the various note intervals are very subtle and very short if you listen to them by themselves. Within the context of the legato tool, they are not very exposed at all.

    I have been experimenting with programming small pitch bends from intervals in GOS to mimick this. First you have to edit the attack level out a bit of the \"blossom\" of the gr detache samples. However, the initial results are promising. My worry was that it would simply sound like a \"glide\" feature on an old analog synth. However, this is not the case. There is a threshold in the VSL legato tool which diminishes this. Its definately intriguing to think of creating legato samples out of libraries that don\'t currently have them. I won\'t have time to reprogram GOS completely in this manner, but I thought I\'d throw it out to the forum as something for others to experiment with. It just might work!!!


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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    Scores, that\'s not how VSL works. They sampled the complete sustained note for each interval. Thats also why they couldnt always make the notes very long, to save RAM, session time etc. So when you play e.g. a flute from a G to a C, it plays a complete note, going from G to C. No \"pickup\" samples.

    EDIT: Maybe I misunderstand you and this is not what you meant.

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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna


    I\'m probably explaining this incorrectly. Hold down a p leg sample from Vienna, say a C, until it completely rings out. Once you hear silence, play a G. You will hear that G played with a quick pickup from the C exposed. That is what I\"m talking about mimicking with a pitch bend. I think I\"m using the world pickup incorrectly. Its not a literal pickup note.


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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    I agree with Colin, that\'s what it sounds like when I heard it. Just a slight subtle pick-up, really amost like a half-step short pick-up. It definitely didn\'t have the full C-G major fifth glide. But it was very effective nonetheless.

    GOS does have the Slides Toolbox, I wonder if there\'s a way to incorporate these samples with the Grand Sustains into something very similiar to what VSL is doing.

    Great topic Colin!

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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    they ARE full intervel steps. In the shorter legato samples they are more subtle, but in the portamento samples they are full interval slides.

    Thats EVERY interval up an ovtave and down an octave [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    GOS *COULD* do something with similar with the slides toolbox and a maestro-ish utility. Poly may be a problem tho.

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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna


    I\'m talking about actually re-recording the sampels with these tweaks - poly shouldn\'t be any more of an issue than it is with Vienna.


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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    aha, ok

    well thats another story [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I think it could be done, but its nearly impossible to make sure the editing will work until you try everynote, then manipulate, and try again, and keep repeating until its \"right\".

    If you mean re recording the string sections...as an updatem to match the original recordings...

    yah good luck [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] hehee

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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    Shoot King. I was hopign you would do it!

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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    no more major GOS edits for me, for a loooong time [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'m getting tired of spending my time on editing instead of composing. Hollywood strings took months of fiddling and editing on and off. That burnt me out.

    I promised other people edits too. and I\'m just burnt, there\'s not enoug money in it, and I\'m losing touch with using the new stuff I have. Not to mention not looking good for music clients with \"Man I\'m totally busy with these edits so I didn\'t have time to focus on the music\".

    Building 3 more machines here to make for 7. Then its off to see if this theory I\'ve been learning will help [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: GOS Legato Idea - ala Vienna

    I can totally understand what you\'re saying King. Time after time I get called on as an instrumental arranger over here in Europe when I\'d much rather be doing the composing.

    You\'re a super programmer though, so I think everyone else might just find it a tad sad when you stop!.


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